Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment: Annual Report of 2018

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On January 15, 2019, Annual Report meeting of Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment (JCMT) was held in Beijing, China. The report on the development of the journal over the past year was given by JCMT Editorial Office, which reads as follows.

JCMT received 109 first-time (original) submissions in 2018. This continues an increase of around 39.7% from the previous period, a higher rate of growth than reported in the previous year.

JCMT received manuscripts from authors based in 32 countries/regions, which signals continued diversification. 32, or 29.3% of the manuscripts, came from scholars based in the United States. This is a large increase compared to 11.5% in the previous year. The other Top-10 countries/regions for article submission were Italy (9, 8.3%), Brazil (7, 6.4%), India (7, 6.4%), UK (6, 5.5%), China (5, 4.6%), Germany (4, 3.7%), Japan (4, 3.7%), and Australia, Spain, Turkey (3, 2.8%, respectively).

In 2018, JCMT published 60 articles, including 13 Original Articles, 35 Reviews, 3 Case Report, 3 Editorial, 3 Commentary, 1 Letter to Editor, 1 Perspective and 1 System Review.

Figure 1: Types of published articles in 2018

Published articles are from 21 countries, headed by Japan, United States, Italy, and United Kingdom. Compared with 12 countries in 2017, the coverage of authors' countries is more extensive.

Figure 2: Country distributions of authors in 2018

Among 60 articles published, 42 of them were from 10 Special Issues as shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Publications in Special Issues

No.TopicGuest EditorArticles PublishedPublished month
1Cancer ImmunotherapyShuen-Kuei Liao2Jan
2Reviews of Gastric Cancer Metastasis and TreatmentMasayuki Watanabe19Feb, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep
3How does the prostate cancer microenvironment affect the metastatic process and/or treatment outcome?Klaus Pors, Jason P. Webber3Mar, Aug
4Cancer PharmacogenomicsGodefridus J. Peters2Mar, Sep
5Autophagy and Cancer: current biology and drug developmentChun Hei Antonio Cheung1Apr
6Intra-Tumour Genetic HeterogeneityIntra-Tumour Genetic Heterogeneity6Jul, Aug, Sep
7Colorectal Cancer Progression and TreatmentGuofeng Xie4Jun, Sep, Oct, Nov
8Breast Cancer MetastasisWilliam Schiemann3Oct, Nov, Dec
9Radiotherapy of brain metastases from lung cancerLucyna Kepka1Dec
10Discovery of biomarkers, precision medicine and immune oncologyBingliang Fang1Dec

By January 7, 2019, 60 articles published in 2018 had been viewed 93,370 times, and had been downloaded 7,858 times. The average quantity of views per article was 1,556 times, with an average of 131 downloads. Both views and downloads increased significantly compared to the previous two years.

Table 2  JCMT views and downloads in the past three years

No.Total viewsTotal downloadsAverage views per articleAverage downloads per article
2016 (67 articles)7881170191176104
2017 (41 articles)34250338990189
2018 (60 articles)9337078581556131

Compared with the previous two years, the overall number of website views greatly increased in 2018, and the maximum number of page views per month reached 20,404 in September 2018. The total number of views in the year was 168,596 with an increase of 61% over 2017.

Figure 3: JCMT Website views in the last three years

Compared with 2017, the number of website downloads generally increased in 2018, and the maximum number of downloads reached 3,562 in September 2018. The total number of downloads in the year was 30,533, significantly increased by 94% over 2017.

Figure 4: JCMT article downloads in the last two years

The readership is distributed in 193 countries around the world (as of December 31, 2018), with an increase of 20 countries compared to 2017. The majority of readers are from the United States, India, the United Kingdom, China and Canada, accounting for more than 50%.

Figure 5: Readership distributions in 2018

In 2018, JCMT reorganized the editorial board. Currently, JCMT has 48 editorial board members from 15 countries.

Figure 6: Country distributions of Editorial Board members

In 2018, JCMT has become the official partner of 8th international congress on cancer metastasis. The journal also launched two Special Issues for the 3rd International Workshop No-Cancer 2018 ---Understanding Cancer Cell Biology to Improve Diagnosis and Therapy and the Colossal Facet Conference-2nd World Congress on Cancer 2018, respectively.

Our editorial team holds a rigorous and professional attitude toward scholarly publishing and strives to provide a seamless publishing service to the scientific community. These efforts received great recognition from the authors.

The new website of the journal was successfully launched on December 2, 2018. The method of displaying articles, pictures and tables is newly designed. The citation times are added to each article access statistics. More useful and handy functions are applied. All these changes are to provide a good experience of our journal to the users.

We sincerely appreciate the dedicated efforts of our Editorial Board led by Prof. Lucio Miele, and every author, reviewer, and reader’s support last year. In 2019, we aim to make JCMT a more influential publication by improving ourselves in every aspect. We welcome more leading scientists who would join us and grow with us.

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All published articles are preserved here permanently: