New OAE Website Launched!

Published on: 16 Dec 2018 Viewed: 4554

The new website of OAE Publishing Inc. has been successfully launched on December 2, 2018 and is expecting your visit!

The whole process from website design to official launch took 14 months, thanks to the efforts of more than 40 staff members from our technical team, editorial office and production team in web design, web development, website testing, web optimization as well as XML preview check, data shifting and article proofreading. Over 1,100 articles were moved to the new website.  For better experience of editorial board members, authors and readers, the primary design and the website has been adjusted based on their browsing habits and needs.

This updated version of our website has the following features:

Better visual experience

The colour scheme, word size and functional buttons are neatly designed based on the user habits. Articles are carefully arrayed in abstracts, each with a figure of the article, to enable readers to give a quick glance. The pages for special issues feature double-lined card-style boxes, with information on guest editors, special issue introduction, keywords and published articles, making it handy to read and download all articles.

Downloadable XML files

The metadata of all published articles are in standard XML format and a download entry for XML metadata has been added on each article page, facilitating the use of articles in various ways.

MESAs — an all-in-one submission system

MESAs is an online submission system which covers the whole process of publishing and is independently developed by OAE in compliance with international publication standards. The system defines 4 roles that include the author, science editor, reviewer and publisher. With this system, the authors can submit their manuscripts online and track their status; the reviewers can log on to the system for peer-review and track their own review records; the editors managing the journals can check the processing status and build pools of reviewers; the production editors can upload ready-to-publish manuscripts. The system provides an all-in-one solution to all the submitted articles which enhances the experience for authors, peer-reviewers and editors, and improves coordination efficiency among different departments, which facilitates the editorial process.

Access for reviewers and guest editors

Access for applications to be reviewers and guest editors are newly added, through which scientists interested in these roles may fill in their basic information and personal profiles for application. This function has facilitated the communication between the editorial team and scientists. We expect the attention from more scientists to adding strength to our journals.

Statistics on citations

Apart from statistics on views and downloads as previously displayed, the updated version has added statistics on citations, adding transparency to the website. The citation statistics are results from the database of Crossref, which are updated in real time and give an exhaustive list of articles citing a certain article, so as to provide full information on the citation and related articles, and better disseminate academic results.

Advanced search function

Advanced search function is added, through which readers can search by the date of publication, author, article title, keywords, DOI, the affiliation of the author and other means. Readers can also search for all the articles in a special issue.

Available at your fingertips

The website is accessible on PC, mobiles and tablets. Mobile users can browse the site on ios/android phones. The website can enhance browsing experience on various devices.

The launch of the new website is the result of concerted efforts of all the OAE Members. We also want to express our gratitude to editorial board members and readers who have helped us improve. There's no end to progress. With our conscientiousness and pursuit for perfection, OAE would provide better services to the academic circle.

Visit our brand new website at Welcome aboard!