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  • Graphic Abstracts serve as visual representations of your research, enhancing accessibility for a diverse audience and enabling a rapid grasp of key findings.
  • Conference Posters are designed to captivate attendees, inviting them to delve deeper into the subject matter.
  • Webinar Flyers effectively promote and attract participants to engage in your online webinars.

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Service Process

1. Provide your materials

2. Editor communicates details with you to ensure accuracy

3. Creation (graphical abstract/conference poster/webinar flyer)

4. Receive the final product

Case Display

Case 1: Graphical Abstract Design

Sample 1

Sample 2

Case 2: Conference Poster Design

Case 3: Webinar Flyer Design


What materials are required for Graphical Abstracts?
What materials are needed for Conference Posters?
What materials should be provided for Webinars Flyers?
Can I request revisions for the final product, and what is the timeframe for revision requests?
Can I receive an invoice for my records?


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