Who We Are

OAE Publishing Inc. (OAE) is a multidisciplinary open-access publishing company. It was founded in Los Angeles, USA, on March 17, 2015, with the shares held by the Mesa Investment Management Inc. Through continuous capital investment, we are striving to achieve the great mission of "constructing a scientific and standard publishing process, building a more open and transparent publishing ecology in combination with the thought of big data, publishing influential academic journals and books, disseminating valuable academic content, and promoting scientific innovation".

To better adapt to the development of globalization, we have successively set up offices in Xi'an and Beijing, China. The Los Angeles Office is mainly responsible for publication and distribution, legal and financial affairs, and resource integration, while the two offices in China are mainly in charge of editing, producing, marketing, and network technology support. As of July 2020, the company has 52 employees worldwide, over 98% of whom have a master's degree or above and a background in scientific research, and more than 70% of whom have rich experience in open-access journal publishing. Through continuous publishing skill training and the establishment of standard process flows, OAE has built a professional publishing team, laying a good foundation for publishing excellent academic journals.

With regard to the construction of the publishing platform, we have invested $1.5 million in developing a digital publishing platform that is compatible with PC and mobile terminals. With big data and cloud storage technology integrated into this platform, it can transparently display each time node and the person in charge of an author's manuscript during the publishing process, the data on clicks and downloads after the publication of the manuscript, the citations in third-party journals (Crossref), and comments by readers so that the authors can timely learn about the feedback to published articles while readers can select the articles they require, thus enhancing scholars' supervision on the publication ethics of articles. To improve the standardization, scientificity, and timeliness in publication, we have developed the MESAS system, an all-in-one manuscript processing system with independent intellectual property rights. All Editors who handle manuscripts on the MESAS system strictly follow the ethical norms and editorial guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME). For manuscript processing flows, it has the functions of ethical norm review, academic misconduct review, license to publish, peer review, Editor decision, English language editing, copy editing, format conversion, proofreading, various text output (e.g., PDF and XML), etc. The link between "MESAS system--ORCID" makes all scholars more convenient to log on to the system directly using their ORCID accounts when contributing or reviewing manuscripts. All records will be preserved in details by ORCID to help scholars prove their academic contributions.

All journals of OAE are published in the mode of Gold Open Access. To get more academic ideas from researchers, OAE invites experts to visit OAE offices (https://www.oaepublish.com/news/cdr.70) and encourages in-house Editors to talk with scholars (https://www.oaepublish.com/news/jcmt.48) or to attend international conferences (https://www.oaepublish.com/news/index.130). What's more, OAE supports offline Editorial Board Meetings (https://www.oaepublish.com/news/hr.128) etc. OAE further reached a consensus with scholars on the orientation, publication scope, Editorial Board teams, publication policies, hot topics, publicity policies of launching and developing journals during these face-to-face communications.

The journals of OAE include Ageing and Neurodegenerative Diseases (AND), Artificial Intelligence Surgery (AIS), Chemical Synthesis (CS), Cancer Drug Resistance (CDR), Complex Engineering Systems (CES), Disaster Prevention and Resilience (DPR), Intelligence & Robotics (IR), Hepatoma Research (HR), Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment (JCMT), Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics (JTGG), Mini-invasive Surgery (MIS), Metabolism and Target Organ Damage (M&TOD), Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation (NN), Plastic Aesthetic Research (PAR), Rare Disease and Orphan Drugs Journal (RDODJ), Soft Science (SS), The Journal of Cardiovascular Aging (JCA), Vessel Plus (VP), etc. As of June 2021, we have published 3,163 papers and 178 Special Issues on hot topics in various disciplines. These articles have obtained 16,935,954 views and 1,607,662 downloads through various channels, such as social media (https://www.linkedin.com/company/hepatoma-research/) and conferences (https://www.oaepublish.com/vp/partners).

The OAE concept "integrity, rigour, scientificity, innovation and coordination" is recognized by many renowned experts in different academic fields. As of June 2021, about 1200 distinguished scholars from famous universities and research institutions have been involved in OAE's 30 journals, including Professor Godefridus J. Peters (https://www.oaepublish.com/cdr/editor), former president of EORTC-PAMM in Italy; Professor Zhifeng Ren (https://www.oaepublish.com/news/ss.212), a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors; Professor Daniel Scherman (https://www.oaepublish.com/news/rdodj.202), the corresponding member of the French National Academy of Pharmacy; Professor Bao-Lian Su (https://www.oaepublish.com/news/cs.177), a member of the European Academy of Sciences; Professor Sang-Hoon Ahn (https://www.virology-education.com/sang-hoon-ahn-md-phd/), the president of the Korean Liver Cancer Association; Jia Fan (http://casad.cas.cn/sourcedb_ad_cas/zw2/ysxx/smkxhyxxb/201711/t20171129_4625064.html), an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Also, the professional publishing of OAE has been recognized by authoritative organizations in publishing industries. In June 2018, the MESAS system was integrated with ORCID technology in function, which won all five accreditation badges (https://www.oaepublish.com/news/index.125); In May 2019, OAE became a member of COPE (https://publicationethics.org/); In December 2019, OAE became a member of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) (https://www.oaepublish.com/news/index.127). In March, 2021, CDR was indexed by Scopus (https://www.oaepublish.com/news/cdr.198); In May, 2021, JCMT was indexed by Scopus.

In the future, OAE will continuously perform benchmarking with those first-class publishing companies, learn advanced publishing concepts, optimize the organization structure and publishing process; collaborate with more academic associations and experts to publish more publications with academic value.

Management Team

Kevin Fan, the CEO of OAE Publishing Inc., graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington and has been engaged in business management and operation for 15 years. He has a global strategic vision and adheres to the concept of "Promoting organizational changes through scientific management, insisting on innovation, and pursuing excellence". Having been engaged in the management and operation of OAE for over seven years, he clarified the mission, vision, and values of OAE and built a learning company. He has been leading all OAE staff to learn from first-class publishing companies and specialists continuously, integrate professional publishing talents, build scientific and standardized publishing concepts, optimize publishing processes and methods, continuously upgrade publishing platform technology, improve the academic quality of OAE publications, and publish more publications with academic value.

Lijun Jin, the Publisher, joined OAE in August 2016. Jin is mainly responsible for supporting the Editors of all OAE's journals in publishing skills. She also manages the teams of AND, CS, CDR, CES, DPR, IR, JCA, JCMT, ROODJ, SS, etc. Having engaged in publishing work in OAE for nearly five years, Jin has a strong passion for publishing and an enormous sense of mission. In addition, Jin has rich experience in topic selection and planning for journals, management of journal Editors, and journal development and operation. Jin is popular among scholars and has led the journal teams in cooperating with many presidents of research societies, academicians, and scholars with highly cited articles in jointly publishing some high-quality Special Issues, organized and held multiple Editorial Board meetings, and participated in some industry conferences for promotion and publicity activities. Fond of running, climbing mountains, and constantly challenging herself, she takes "conquering the peak" as her motto.

Margie Ma, the Publishing Director, joined OAE in January 2019. She is responsible for the whole publishing process training for Editors, standardized management, and external cooperation.  Ma graduated from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences with a master's degree in physical geography. Her earnest working style and six years of rich working experience in academic publishing have endowed her with extraordinary capability in development planning for publishing, publishing process optimization, and journal team management. During the four years of working at MDPI, she served as the Managing Editor for a newly-launched journal Veterinary Science which was successively indexed in PubMed and Scopus under her charge within two years. Later, the journal was included in Web of Science in 2020. During this period, she also engaged in the editing work for International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IF 2.489 (2019)) and was responsible for organizing and implementing academic network conferences and other publishing tasks.

Kenny Wu, the Production Manager. He joined OAE in October 2017, and is responsible for leading the production team to complete the copy editing, format conversion, proofreading, and output of XML and PDF versions of OAE journals. He has been engaged in this industry for more than five years and has processed over 4000 papers. Before joining OAE, he worked in Baishideng Publishing Group for about two years. Besides, he once participated in professional photography training. His professional aesthetic perspective and rich experience in production management have enabled him to publish many articles and e-books with exquisite formatting.

Smart Zhang, the Journal Manager, joined OAE in October 2014, and has been engaged in   publishing at OAE for five years. She is skilled in integrating expert resources, planning topic selection, and comprehensively managing and operating journals. At present, she is mainly responsible for operating the two journals of Plastic and Aesthetic Research (PAR) and Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation (NN), as well as guaranteeing the effective implementation of journal publishing plans.

Haidi Ding, the Journal Manager, joined OAE in April 2017. She has accumulated rich experience in expert resource integration, topic selection and academic promotion in her daily work. She has cooperated with well-known experts in the field of liver cancer research to establish some Special Issues and the Special Issue articles have been well received by readers. At present, she coordinately manages some new OAE journals, including Cancer Drug ResistanceVessel PlusMicrobiome Research ReportsJournal of Environmental Exposure AssessmentWater Emerging Contaminants & NanoplasticsCarbon Footprints.

Delphine Wong, the Manager of Publishing Ethics Quality Control, joined OAE in April 2017. Her team is mainly responsible for the training of peer review operating procedures for publishing Editors of OAE, ethics inspections, review and handling of academic misconducts during the publishing process.
Through many years of publishing work, her team has studied and applied the Best Practice Guidelines of COPE and has accumulated a wealth of ethical management experience, review and handling methods of academic misconduct in the practice of publishing ethics. With her leadership, her team constantly optimizes the publications process, formulates management regulations of standard publication, standardizes publishing behavior, reduces the incidence of academic misconducts, builds an excellent academic reputation for OAE journals, and provides ethical norms for the publication of articles with high academic value.

Victoria Lee, the Managing Editor of the journal Hepatoma Research. She is responsible for the whole journal's management, collaborates with key Editorial Board members (Editor-in-Chief, Executive Chief Editor, Associate Editors, Guest Editors, social media advisors, etc.) to set the development goal and direction each year. Furthermore, she manages a highly effective team to provide better publishing services for readers and authors. She is good at publishing activities such as manuscript processing, Special Issue content plan, webinar organization, good communication skills with experts, etc. She is rigorous in quality control of papers and full of passion for publishing.

Whitney Xu, the Manager of five academic journals, responsible for overseeing their operations and editorial management. With extensive experience in the publishing industry, she is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity. She works closely with Editorial Boards to select and publish impactful articles, and she manage the day-to-day operations of the journals, including budgeting and staffing. Her goal is to position each journal as a leader in its field and foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Wen Zhang, Managing Editor of Complex Engineering Systems, Intelligence & Robotics and The Journal of Cardiovascular Aging. She is responsible for the whole journal's management and collaborates with Editorial Board members to set the developmental goal and direction each year. She is good at publishing activities such as manuscript processing, Special Issue content planning, journal promotion, and maintaining good communication with experts and scholars. She is rigorous in the quality control of publications and has a passion for academic publishing.

Yuan Ding, Managing Editor of Microstructures and Rare Disease and Orphan Drugs Journal, joined OAE in May 2020. She is responsible for assisting the Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Board Team, and Guest Editors to jointly complete the organization of academic activities and the journal promotion. She thinks that scholars and academic journals belong to the same community of academic destiny, and Managing Editors need to maintain enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility for academic publishing work at all times.

Lilian Zhang, Managing Editor of Plastic and Aesthetic Research and Artificial Intelligence Surgery, joined OAE in July 2020. She assists the Editor-in-Chief, editorial committee team, and Guest Editors in organizing and promoting the journals' scholarly activities. In her view, scholars and academic journals are a community of destiny, and Editors and scholars should always maintain a high level of enthusiasm and a strong sense of responsibility for academic publishing.

Siqing Hu, the Journal Manager, joined OAE in March 2022. She has built good collaborative relationships with many highly qualified experts amassed a wealth of resources, including highly qualified experts, extensiveand has rich experience in content mining, and expertise in organizing high-quality academic conferences. She has successfully hosted academic conferences in collaboration with renowned experts in the fields of aging and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as chemical synthesis, which has been well-received by readers and garnered an audience of over 300,000 attendees. Currently, she is responsible for coordinating the management in charge of several five OAE journals, including Ageing and Neurodegenerative Diseases, Chemical Synthesis, Disaster Prevention and Resilience, Mini-invasive Surgery, and Minerals and Mineral Materials.

OAE: Open Access with Excellence

Vision, mission, and values

Vision: To build a century-standing academic publishing company committed to making outstanding contributions to the scientific development.
Mission: Disseminating scientific research and promoting scientific innovation.
Values: Honour, Responsibility, Honesty, Innovation, and Excellence.

Business model

1. OAE launches valuable peer-reviewed journals with Gold Open Access. To support the development of journals, OAE has set different APC standards for each journal according to the strategic planning. Reasonable APC income will also become an important support for the sustainable development of OAE in the future. For more details about APC, please refer to https://www.oaepublish.com/about/publication_fees.
2. OAE provides journal and book publishing services for associations, universities, and scientific research institutions. Contact us at: partners@oaepublish.com.
3. OAE provides technical services for other publishing organizations to establish a digital publishing platform and manuscript processing system. Contact us at: partners@oaepublish.com.
4. OAE provides copy editing, format conversion, XML production, and other services for other publishing organizations. Contact us at: partners@oaepublish.com.
5. OAE provides language editing services for authors. Contact us at: English-editing@oaepublish.com.