Welcome Professor Daniel Scherman as the Editor-in-Chief of Rare Disease and Orphan Drugs Journal

Published on: 10 Mar 2021 Viewed: 2219

Today, OAE formally announced the appointment of Professor Daniel Scherman, as the Editor-in-Chief of Rare Disease and Orphan Drugs Journal (RDODJ), a new online journal launched by OAE in March 2021.

Professor Daniel Scherman is presently emeritus “excellence scientist” at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), Director of the Rare Disease Foundation, Head of Medicine and Life Sciences Division of the European Academy of Sciences EURASC, and corresponding member of the French National Academy of Pharmacy.

His main research interests focus on gene therapy, drug delivery, drug discovery and bioimaging of rare disease. As of the beginning of 2021, he has published over 514 publications (Web of Science, H-index of 67, more than 21, 000 citations), 54 book Chapters, and 40 independent patent applications. Professor Scherman also has rich experience in journal management. He had been Editor in the series "Advances in Behavioral Biology" and is presently Editor of "Handbook of Gene Therapy and Genetic Pharmacology".

Professor Scherman has received numerous recognitions such as the Great Prize Émilia Valori of the French Academy of Sciences, the Neurobiology Prize of the French National Academy of Medicine, the CNRS Silver Medal, and the Academic Palms.

RDODJ will report on scientific advances in the genetics of rare disease, the molecular basis of pathologies, and translational research on diagnosis, prevention and treatment. In addition, RDODJ aims to provide a forum for scientific studies and discussion covering the important regulatory, socio-economic and human sciences issues related to rare disease and orphan drugs.

In his new role, Professor Scherman commented "The ultimate objective of RDODJ  is to promote the dissemination of research results and scientific discussion among the research community, practitioners, and patient-advocacy organizations."

OAE is confident that under Professor Scherman's leadership, RDODJ will be a great success that will benefit authors, readers and ultimately those whose lives will get improved through the important research published in the journal.

We would like to extend our sincere welcome to Professor Scherman for acting as this new exciting role.

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