Recruiting 30 Youth Editorial Board Members Worldwide for RDODJ

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To provide young scholars with an active academic exchange platform for exchanging ideas with each other and influential experts in rare disease and orphan drugs, the Editorial Office of Rare Disease and Orphan Drugs Journal (RDODJ) is constructing an Editorial Board specifically for young editorial members. This board would be an excellent venue for young scientists to practice their editorial management skills, comment on peer work, exchange ideas, and find collaboration opportunities.

As a member of the Youth Editorial Board, you will have the chance to work alongside the current Editorial Board, which consists of world-famous scholars who are working together to build an active academic platform and promote collaboration in the field of rare disease and orphan drugs research globally. You are invited to apply for this position.

Benefits include:

  • No publication fee for your article once accepted after peer-review;
  • Priority publication of your work and recommended articles in RDODJ after peer review and acceptance;
  • Opportunities to participate in or host annual meetings or online seminars organized by the journal;
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas with internationally influential researchers in this field and develop your network;
  • Publish two articles free after the journal indexed by SCI;
  • An opportunity to join the Editorial Board based on your contributions to the journal;
  • A certificate of appointment issued by the Editor-in-Chief.


RDODJ is an international, peer-reviewed journal aiming to provide a forum for scientific studies and discussion covering the important regulatory, socio-economic and human science issues related to rare diseases and orphan drugs.

RDODJ focuses on the genetics of rare diseases, diagnosis and undiagnosed rare diseases, pathophysiological mechanism, precision medicine and genome editing, drug repurposing and delivery, preclinical translational research, regulatory and practice guidelines, medico-economic, health policies and services organization and health promotion, social sciences: patients' needs or quality of life, etc.

RDODJ was founded by OAE Publishing Inc. in 2021, with the Editor-in-Chief Prof. Daniel Scherman (Director of the Rare Disease Foundation, fellow of the European Academy of Sciences, and professor of Paris University).

The first issue of RDODJ is now available online.

2. Recruitment Eligibility
  • Active in research fields that are relevant to the journal scope.
  • Experienced in the review process of SCI journals;
  • Passionate about building world-class journals in the field of rare disease and orphan drugs.

3. Responsibilities of a Youth Editorial Board Member
Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Contribute a high-quality research article or a review article to the journal during the tenure;
  • Participate in peer-review works of the journal and help control the publishing quality;
  • Publicize and promote the journal at academic conferences and among peers;
  • Provide suggestions and guidance for the development of the journal.

4. Term and Evaluation of Youth Editorial Board Members

  • Term of appointment: two years. Dynamic selection of the next Youth Editorial Board according to the completion of annual tasks;
  • Evaluation: Produce a work plan at the beginning of each year, participate in at least two tasks mentioned above, and submit the performance certificate of the responsible work at the end of the year. The Editorial Board will conduct an annual evaluation, and the outstanding person will be re-elected.

5. Applications

  • Please send your academic resume to with the subject of "RDODJ Youth Editorial Board Application + Name + Research Expertise".
  • The selection process of the Youth Editorial Board: preliminary review of resume → selection by the Editorial Board → confirmation and publicity.

The RDODJ Editorial Board looks forward to receiving your application.

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