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Ten Years of Development
With a decade of experience in academic journal publication, we offer exceptional academic journal services.
Digital-Centric Mindset
We are an academic publishing company deeply attuned to internet-driven strategies.
Established Reputation
With 37 journals, 8 indexed in ESCI, 19 in Scopus, and 17 in CAS, alongside collaborations with over 30 academicians, we have built a reputation, leading at the forefront of academia.
Technology-Driven Support
Leveraging advanced technology, we present transparent digital data, boasting the credibility of open science.
Customer-Centric Approach
Placing customers at our core, we deeply empower partners, foster growth, and embrace the concept of collaborative success.

Build collaborations and enhance academic reputation

Service Content

Journal Publishing Services

We actively seek partnerships with global research institutions, universities, associations, and scholars. Our services include market analysis for journal positioning, ISSN application, building manuscript submission and review systems, setting up publishing platforms, production services, language editing, marketing and promotion, technical support for journal operation, and journal indexing services.

Journal Publishing Consultation

Leveraging our extensive experience, we provide comprehensive professional advice, consulting, and training services to support academic journal publishing. Our services cover editorial training, peer review guidance, journal management, effective marketing strategies, and more, aimed at enhancing the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of academic journals.

Submission Management System

We offer clients a digital peer-review system for processing manuscripts, facilitating submission, initial review, peer review, final assessment, and online production and publishing.

Digital Publishing Platform

Academic journal operators can use our highly interactive digital platform to publish academic journals, scholarly articles, e-books, videos, audios, and more.

Journal Hosting Services

Within our professional journal hosting services, you can focus on directional planning and academic quality management, while we handle content curation, peer review, editing, production, marketing, and related services.

Layout & Production Services

We provide academic article formatting, editing, proofreading, PDF and XML creation, academic journal e-book production, graphical abstract and video abstract production, and other services for academic journal operational entities.

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