The First Strategic Planning Symposium of Cancer Drug Resistance

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August 26th, 2016
in the Editorial Office of Cancer Drug Resistance, Xi'an, China.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Purpose

For the future development, Cancer Drug Resistance (Cancer Drug Resist) held its first strategic planning symposium on August 26th, 2016 and all team members joined it. This meeting aimed to discuss the planning and development strategies by inviting Prof. Peters.

Prof. Godefridus Johannes Peters, Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Drug Resist, Laboratory Head, Department of Medical Oncology, VU University Medical Center, Cancer Center Amsterdam, the Netherlands

According to the orientation of the journal, Prof. Peters said that current academic journals on cancer drugs cover many areas on drug metabolism, pharmacology, drug actions, drug development, biomarkers and many more items, but a specific journal on cancer drug resistance does not exist, except a general review journal Drug Resistance Update. Therefore, he expects that the planned journal has a great development prospect.

Meeting Content

This meeting started with a sincere acknowledgement to our warm reception and a great vision for Cancer Drug Resist by Prof. Peters at 15:00 pm. After the introduction part, the planning of Cancer Drug Resist was discussed. Ms. Yu explained the blueprint on several aspects to Prof. Peters, including our team members, website, Editorial Board, peer-review process, publication plans and goals. Prof. Peters enthusiastically discussed every part with all attendees and provided many insightful suggestions. Prof. Peters also gave us some effective solutions to many problems, including how to establish an excellent Editorial Board and promote the journal more efficiently, etc.

In the discussion

After the coffee break, Prof. Peters professionally answered several questions based on his rich experience in working with great journals as Editorial Board member, Guest Editor or Editor-in-Chief.


This meeting was very productive. After a three-hour communication, we gained a more detailed and clearer understanding of the journal and also made a complete development plan. We will move on to optimize all aspects to launch a high-quality journal. By the end of this meeting, Prof. Peters said that our final goal is to launch an influential top-tier journal in the field of cancer drug resistance. Prof. Peters emphasized that our primary task is to set up an excellent Editorial Board, which aims to form a solid foundation for the publication of high quality papers.

Finally, both sides reached a consensus to cooperate on academic publishing. Our Director, Mr. Fan awarded the Certificate of Appointment to our respected Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Peters, which concluded this meeting.

From left to right: Elvis Li, Production Manager; Prof. Changtai Xu, Consultant; Dandan Yu, Managing Editor of Cancer Drug Resist; Prof. Peters, Editor-in-Chief; Mr. Fan, Director; Koyoka Gao, IT Manager

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