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Topic: Advancing the Care of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL): Steps Towards Being Chemo-Free

A Special Issue of Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment

ISSN 2454-2857 (Online) 2394-4722 (Print)

Submission deadline: 31 Dec 2021

Guest Editor(s)

Owen A. O’Connor, MD, PhD
American Cancer Society Research Professor, Professor of Medicine, E. Couric Cancer Center, Department of Medicine, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA.
Francesca Montanari, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Hematology, Yale University Medical Center, Smilow Cancer Center, Greenwich, CT, USA.

Special Issue Introduction

Proposed Articles

The Dynamic State of Lymphoma Care.

1. Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma: From Molecular Classification to Tailored Treatment Programs.
• Disease heterogeneity
• Molecular classification, from COO to more recent models (Stuadt, Shipp, Dave)
• Standards of care
• Limitations of standards of care
• Evolving treatment options
• Targeting the molecular drivers
• The future of DLBCL care could look like this…..

2. Follicular Lymphoma: The Diminishing Role of Chemotherapy.
• Disease heterogeneity
• Are we changing the natural history of the disease?
• The relevance of prognostic models
• Identifying the poorest risk subsets of patients
• Standards of care
• The evolving de-emphasis on chemotherapy
• How novel precision and targeted immunotherapies have become SOC
• The future of FL care could look like this….

3. Mantle Cell Lymphoma: Are We Moving from a One-Size-Fits-All Mentality Yet?
• The spectrum of MCL biology
• The proliferation signature and its relationship to prognosis
• Standards of care
• Should we be tailoring care to the molecular prognostic features?
• Should transplant be considered a standard of care in eligible patients?
• Techniques for diagnosis and strategies for treating minimal residual disease
• The role of novel drugs in MCL
• The future: re-configuring novel and traditional chemotherapy to create new standards of care.
• The future of MCL care could look like this….

4. Marginal Zone Lymphoma, Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma and Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia.
• Putting the complex group of diseases in clear focus
• Distinguishing the molecular drivers among these entities
• Defining standards of care
• Emerging new drugs and how they are impacting natural history
• The future of care could look like this…..

5. The Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma: Are We Turning the Corner by Shifting Our Focus to a Less Chemotherapy Predicated Paradigms?
• Heterogeneity and rarity: a challenging combination in advancing care
• The molecular drivers of PTCL
• Standards of care
• A time of bounty: many new drugs coming along in PTCL
• Novel drug combinations: Could they form the basis of new treatment platforms?
• Is there a role for transplant in PTCL
• The future of PTCL care could look like this….

6. The Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorders.
• Defining the scope of diseases
• What puts patients at risk of PTLD
• The role of EBV in driving PTLD development
• Preemptive strategies to reduce the risk of PTLD
• Standards of care
• The challenges of managing infectious risk of treatment
• Development of new regimens de-emphasizing the role of chemotherapy

7. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia/Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma.
• Defining the scope of diseases
• The importance of molecular prognostication
• Standards of care
• Is there any role for chemotherapy in managing CLL any more
• The spectrum of new drugs
• Reconfiguring novel therapies to create new standards of care
• The importance of MRD and its role in time-limited therapy

8. CAR-T Therapies: The Limitation and Potential Applications.
• Understanding CAR-T biology
• Diseases carrying an approval for CAR-T
• The next wave of approvals will likely include….
• Managing the major toxicities of CAR-T
• Bridging patients to CAR-T therapies: a MAJOR AREA OF NEED
• The future of CAR-T care could look like this……

9. The Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma (CTCL).
• The spectrum of CTCL
• The principles of sound CTCL care
• Standards of care
• The plethora of drugs active in CTCL
• The future of CTCL care could look like this…..

10. Molecular Testing and How it Will Influence Lymphoma Care.
• The biological spectrum of molecular testing
• Presently available technologies
• Interpreting data from patient genotyping
• Examples of how molecular genotyping might influence treatment decision making

Conclusion: Final Thoughts. Owen A. O'Connor and Francesca Montanari.

Submission Deadline

31 Dec 2021

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The peripheral T-cell lymphoma: can we pivot from the chemotherapy-predicated paradigm?

Open Access Review DOI: 10.20517/2394-4722.2022.17 28 Jun 2022
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Follicular lymphoma: the diminishing role of chemotherapy

Open Access Review DOI: 10.20517/2394-4722.2022.05 25 May 2022
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Diffuse large B-Cell lymphoma: from novel molecular classifications to tailored targeted therapies

Open Access Review DOI: 10.20517/2394-4722.2021.193 30 Mar 2022
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Moving towards the chemo-free treatment of lymphoma: hype or reality?

Open Access Perspective DOI: 10.20517/2394-4722.2021.153 17 Mar 2022
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Progress in the treatment of NK-cell lymphoma/leukemia

Open Access Review DOI: 10.20517/2394-4722.2021.157 4 Dec 2021
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CAR T-Cell therapies in lymphoma: current landscape, ongoing investigations, and future directions

Open Access Review DOI: 10.20517/2394-4722.2021.39 24 May 2021
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