Special Interview with Prof. Marcelo H. Ang

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As an eminent figure in the realm of robotics and artificial intelligence, Professor Marcelo H. Ang provides significant insights that have illuminated countless pathways toward technological advancement. The Editorial Office of Intelligence & Robotics (IR) has the privilege to engage in a conversation with him, delving into the future he envisions for robotics.

Questions for the Interview

Q1: Let's start by exploring your journey into robotics. What initially sparked your interest in robotics and artificial intelligence?

Q2: As we know, your research spans various facets of robotics. Could you share with us your current research project and perspective on the applications of robotics in the coming years?

Q3: With these transformative technologies on the horizon, what challenges do you foresee in their widespread adoption?

Q4: As we peer into the future, what role do you envision for academia in shaping the trajectory of robotics? And what advice would you offer to aspiring roboticists seeking to make their mark in this dynamic field?

Q5: Lastly, we greatly appreciate your trust and support of the Intelligence & Robotics journal. As a new Associate Editor, would you like to share your suggestions and expectations for the development of the journal?

Personal Introduction

Prof. Marcelo H. Ang is with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore in Singapore City, Singapore. His research spans robotics, automation, computer control, and artificial intelligence. He is actively involved in the Singapore Robotic Games as its founding chairman.

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