Congratulations on the Success of the First Soft Science Webinar!

Published on: 25 May 2022 Viewed: 706

The first webinar of Soft Science (SS) was successfully held at 7 p.m. (Beijing) on May 24, 2022. The webinar was hosted by Prof. Xinge Yu, an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at City University of Hong Kong (CityU), and associate director of the CAS-CityU Joint Lab on Robotics. He shared his recent research about "Skin Electronics: From Intelligent Health Perception to Metacosmic Haptic VR".

At the beginning of the webinar, Prof. Zhifeng Ren, the Editor-in-Chief of SS, expressed his sincere welcome and gratitude to Prof. Xinge Yu and all the scholars. The moderator, Prof. Chuanfei Guo, then introduced the development of SS and its vision for the future in detail.

During the meeting, Prof. Xinge Yu shared his recent research results on the theme of the forum. In this report, Prof. Xinge Yu presented materials, devices, power delivery strategies, and communication schemes as the basis for skin electronics and their applications in healthcare monitoring, energy harvesting, and human-machine interfaces. Demonstrations of sweat activated batteries, skin-integrated tactile sensors, and soft haptic interfaces showcase the unlimited possibilities of skin electronics. The forum was full of enthusiasm with all scholars actively participating in the discussion and sharing their opinions.

In the end, Prof. Zhifeng Ren and other scholars highly praised the excellent report. He hopes that all scholars can shine in this field and continue to make outstanding contributions. At the same time, we welcome scholars to contribute their excellent works to SS actively.

This webinar was successfully held with the strong support of all scholars and Editorial Board members; we appreciate their participation and sharing. We also welcome all scholars to share their research achievements in the following webinars. 

Respectfully submitted by the Editorial Office of Soft Science

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