2021 Annual Report of Mini-invasive Surgery

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In the past year, Mini-invasive Surgery has made considerable progress and breakthroughs. On the occasion of the new year, the editorial department would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the authors, readers, reviewers and Editorial Board Members who have always supported MIS.

The annual summary of MIS in 2021 is as follows:

1. Editorial Board:
As of December 31, 2021, the Editorial Board of MIS consists of 101 members from 17 countries. These countries include the United States, Italy, Japan, China, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Turkey, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Denmark and Egypt.

2. Authorship:  
The authors of MIS come from 29 countries around the world, with more than 75% of the authors from the United States (26%), Italy (24%), Japan (12%), France (6%), Singapore (3%), Germany (3%), and Spain (3%).

3. Readership:
As of December 31, 2021, the readership of MIS is distributed globally, including the United States (59%), Italy (15%), China (9%), Canada (3%), Germany (3%), and Russia (3%), the United Kingdom (2%), India (2%), France (1%) and others.

4. Published Papers:
As of December 31, 2021, MIS has published 57 articles, including 8 original articles, 23 reviews, 8 technical notes, 6 editorials, 6 case reports, 3 perspectives, 2 systematic reviews, and 1 opinion.
Total Views in 2021: 45, 811
Total Downloads in 2021: 7, 397
Average Manuscript Processing Time: 3 days for pre-check; 58 days from submission to acceptance.

5. Webinars:
On January 23, 2021, under the leadership of Dr. Farid Gharagozloo, the Online webinar “Controversies in Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery: A Panel Discussion by International Experts” was successfully held;  
On June 15, 2021, the first Editorial Board meeting of Mini-invasive Surgery was successfully held;
On July 12, 2021, the appointment meeting of new Associate Editors of Mini-invasive Surgery was successfully held;
On August 27, 2021, under the leadership of Prof. William Hope, the Online webinar “Mastering in Minimally Invasive Surgery for Inguinal  Hernia-Tips and Tricks” was successfully held;
On September 10, 2021, under the leadership of Prof. Jean‐François Rey, the Online webinar “Interventional Endoscopy for Bilio-pancreatic Diseases: a Practical Approach” was successfully held;
On November 29, 2021, under the leadership of Prof. Yogesh Vashist and Dr. Alan D. L. Sihoe, the Online webinar “International Youth Scholars Forum on Thoracic Surgery” was successfully held.

MIS is committed to guaranteeing an accurate and fair evaluation as well as prompt the published papers, with the aim of creating a solid and successful scientific journal. MIS will continue to adhere to high-quality publishing and fast-response services, and bring more wonderful articles and webinars to the surgical field.

Thanks again to all the experts who have contributed to MIS in publications, reviews and webinars. We look forward to the joint effort of the Editorial Office and the Editorial Board to build a bountiful 2022.

Respectfully Submitted by the Editorial Office of Mini-invasive Surgery

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