Molecular mechanisms of docetaxel resistance in prostate cancer

Novel approaches to combat chemoresistance against glioblastomas

The tumor microenvironment of pancreatic adenocarcinoma and immune checkpoint inhibitor resistance: a perplex relationship

Manipulation of the immune system by non-small cell lung cancer and possible therapeutic interference

Overcoming the mechanisms of primary and acquired resistance to new generation hormonal therapies in advanced prostate cancer: focus on androgen receptor independent pathways

Resistance to second generation antiandrogens in prostate cancer: pathways and mechanisms

PHGDH as a mechanism for resistance in metabolically-driven cancers

Radiotherapy and the cellular DNA damage response: current and future perspectives on head and neck cancer treatment

Improving TRAIL-induced apoptosis in cancers by interfering with histone modifications

MicroRNAs in treatment-induced neuroendocrine differentiation in prostate cancer

Attempts to remodel the pathways of gemcitabine metabolism: Recent approaches to overcoming tumours with acquired chemoresistance

Decoding cancer’s camouflage: epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity in resistance to immune checkpoint blockade

Why nanodiamond carriers manage to overcome drug resistance in cancer

3,3'-Diindolylmethane and its derivatives: nature-inspired strategies tackling drug resistant tumors by regulation of signal transduction, transcription factors and microRNAs

Cell-mediated and cell membrane-coated nanoparticles for drug delivery and cancer therapy

Intracrine androgen biosynthesis and drug resistance

Albumin-based nanoparticles: a promising strategy to overcome cancer drug resistance

Dichloroacetate enhances the antitumor effect of pirarubicin via regulating the ROS-JNK signaling pathway in liver cancer cells

Genomic stability at the coding regions of the multidrug transporter gene <i>ABCB1</i>: insights into the development of alternative drug resistance mechanisms in human leukemia cells

EGFR signaling promotes resistance to CHK1 inhibitor prexasertib in triple negative breast cancer

Aberrant DNA repair as a potential contributor for the clonal evolution in subsets of anaplastic thyroid carcinomas arising through dedifferentiation: implications for future therapeutic algorithms?

Application of liquid biopsy for prognostic status of cancers and drug response

Nanotechnological approaches for counteracting multidrug resistance in cancer

How to win the ovarian cancer stem cell battle: destroying the roots

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