Auranofin and its analogs as prospective agents for the treatment of colorectal cancer

Efficacy of ICIs on patients with oncogene-driven non-small cell lung cancer: a retrospective study

Epigenetic modulation in sensitizing metastatic sarcomas to therapies and overcoming resistance

Emerging actionable targets to treat therapy-resistant colorectal cancers

HDAC inhibitors with potential to overcome drug resistance in castration-resistant prostate cancer

Approaches to identifying drug resistance mechanisms to clinically relevant treatments in childhood rhabdomyosarcoma

Understanding sarcoma drug resistance one cell at a time

Tousled-like kinase 1: a novel factor with multifaceted role in mCRPC progression and development of therapy resistance

Tumor-derived exosomes: immune properties and clinical application in lung cancer

Immunotherapy resistance of lung cancer

Resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitors in KRAS-mutant non-small cell lung cancer

Mechanism underlying the immune checkpoint inhibitor-induced hyper-progressive state of cancer

ONECUT2 as a key mediator of androgen receptor-independent cell growth and neuroendocrine differentiation in castration-resistant prostate cancer

Drug resistance and minimal residual disease in multiple myeloma

Biological evidence of cancer stem-like cells and recurrent disease in osteosarcoma

Emerging mechanisms of immunotherapy resistance in sarcomas

Potential mechanisms of resistance to current anti-thrombotic strategies in Multiple Myeloma

Combating CHK1 resistance in triple negative breast cancer: EGFR inhibition as potential combinational therapy

Lysosome-mediated chemoresistance in acute myeloid leukemia

<i>In vitro </i>cultures of circulating tumor cells: a potential tool to unravel drug sensitivity

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