A review of mechanisms of resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitors and potential strategies for therapy

Biomarkers of resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitors in non-small-cell lung cancer: myth or reality?

Drug resistance in glioblastoma: are persisters the key to therapy?

Exploring near-infrared absorbing nanocarriers to overcome cancer drug resistance

Glioblastoma chemoresistance: roles of the mitochondrial melatonergic pathway

Gut microbiota: a new player in regulating immune- and chemo-therapy efficacy

Methods for extracellular vesicle isolation from cancer cells

MicroRNA and liver cancer

Nitric oxide-elicited resistance to anti-glioblastoma photodynamic therapy

Promises and pitfalls of targeted agents in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Resistance to chemoimmunotherapy in non-small-cell lung cancer

Resistance to cancer immunotherapy in metastatic renal cell carcinoma

RET kinase alterations in targeted cancer therapy

Targeting IKKα kinase to prevent tumor progression and therapy resistance

The dark side of immunotherapy: pancreatic cancer

The role of cell free DNA and liquid biopsies in haematological conditions

Therapeutic approaches and drug-resistance in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

Therapeutic modulation of the CD47-SIRPα axis in the pediatric tumor microenvironment: working up an appetite

Development of a TCR beta repertoire assay for profiling liquid biopsies from NSCLC donors

Development of gemcitabine-resistant patient-derived xenograft models of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Identification of sequence-specific interactions of the CD44-intracellular domain with RUNX2 in the transcription of matrix metalloprotease-9 in human prostate cancer cells

MEK inhibition activates STAT signaling to increase breast cancer immunogenicity via MHC-I expression

Microfluidic chip enables single-cell measurement for multidrug resistance in triple-negative breast cancer cells

Pretreatment inflammatory indices predict Bevacizumab response in recurrent Glioma

Quantitative analysis of taxane drug target engagement of microtubules in circulating tumor cells from metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer patients treated with CRXL301, a nanoparticle of docetaxel

Reversal of doxorubicin resistance in lung cancer cells by neferine is explained by nuclear factor erythroid-derived 2-like 2 mediated lung resistance protein down regulation

Can HIPEC be used against platinum-resistance and for inducing sensitivity to PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer?

Platinum drug sensitivity and resistance in testicular germ cell tumors: two sides of the same coin

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