Special Issue

Topic: Laboratory Medicine in Metabolic Disorders and Target Organ Damage

A Special Issue of Metabolism and Target Organ Damage

ISSN 2769-6375 (Online)

Submission deadline: 31 May 2023

Guest Editor(s)

Tommaso Trenti, MD
Head of Department, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Modena, Modena, Italy.

Special Issue Introduction

Laboratory Medicine plays a fundamental role in the first assessment of metabolic disorders as well as in the follow-up of these and the diagnosis and prognostication of target organ damage across all ages, from neonatal and pediatric ages to geriatrics and during pregnancy.

A wide range of techniques is available to this end, comprising point-of-care and self-administered tests; a routine evaluation of all classes of intermediate metabolism (glucose, lipids, urate, and proteins); genetics; epigenetics; metabolomics; characterization of gut microbiota. Laboratory tests are also essential in the diagnosis and prognostication of rare metabolic disorders in children and adults.

More recently, sophisticated information technology techniques such as big data analysis and artificial intelligence approaches promise to revolutionize public health administration by reducing expenses while enhancing accuracy in defining updated ranges of normality and putting together different databases, which may offer novel research opportunities.

With this evolving and intriguing scenario, it is pleased to announce a novel Special Issue on metabolism and target organ damage which is specifically dedicated to the role of Laboratory Medicine in Metabolic Disorders. Special importance will be given to innovative approaches and the laboratory assessment of cardiovascular risk and damage to target organs such as the liver, the kidneys, and others.

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31 May 2023

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Published Articles

Open Access Review

Concise review: gamma-glutamyl transferase - evolution from an indiscriminate liver test to a biomarker of cardiometabolic risk

Metab Target Organ Damage 2022;2:17.
DOI: 10.20517/mtod.2022.20
Available online: 29 Sep 2022
Metabolism and Target Organ Damage
ISSN 2769-6375 (Online)


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