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Soft Sci 2023;3:[Accepted]. 10.20517/ss.2023.34

A facile in-situ reaction method for preparing flexible Sb2Te3 thermoelectric thin films

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Dongwei Ao, Bo Wu, Jabar Bushra, Bing Sun, Dong Yang, Yiming Zhong, Zhuanghao Zheng
Correspondence Address: Sun Bing, School of Machinery and Automation, Weifang University, Dongfeng East Street, Weifang 261061, Shandong, China. E-mail:
Received: 30 Jul 2023 | First Decision: 12 Sep 2023 | Revised: 26 Sep 2023 | Accepted: 30 Oct 2023

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Inorganic p-type Sb2Te3 flexible thin films with eco-friendly and high thermoelectric performance have attracted wide research interest and potential for commercial applications. This study employs a facile in-situ reaction method to prepare flexible Sb2Te3 thin films by rationally adjusting the synthesized temperature. The prepared thin films show good crystallinity, which enhances the electrical conductivity of ~1440 S cm−1 due to the weakened carrier scattering. Simultaneously, the optimized carrier concentration through adjusting the synthetized temperature causes to the intermediate Seebeck coefficient. Consequently, a high power factor (16.0 μW cm−1 K−2 at 300 K) is achieved for Sb2Te3 flexible thin films prepared at 623 K. Besides, the flexible thin films also exhibit good flexibility due to the slight change in resistance after bending. This study specifies that the in-situ reaction method is an effective route to prepare Sb2Te3 flexible thin films with high thermoelectric performance.


Thermoelectric, Sb2Te3, flexible thin film, thermal diffusion

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Ao D, Wu B, Bushra J, Sun B, Yang D, Zhong Y, Zheng Z. A facile in-situ reaction method for preparing flexible Sb2Te3 thermoelectric thin films. Soft Sci 2023;3:[Accept].

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