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Energy Mater 2023;3:[Accepted]. 10.20517/energymater.2023.73

Promoting the reversibility of electrolytic MnO2-Zn battery with high areal capacity by VOSO4 mediator

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Yong Xu, Wenjie Huang, Jun Liu, Renzong Hu, Liuzhang Ouyang, Lichun Yang, Min Zhu
Correspondence Address: Prof./Dr. Lichun Yang, School of Materials Science and Engineering, and Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Advanced Energy Storage Materials, South China University of Technology, 381 Wushan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510640, Guangdong, China. Email:
Received: 15 Sep 2023 | Revised: 25 Oct 2023 | Accepted: 8 Nov 2023

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Electrolytic MnO2-Zn batteries possess high energy density due to the high reduction potential and capacity of the cathode Mn2+/MnO2. However, the low reversibility of the Mn2+/MnO2 conversion results in limited lifespan. In this study, we propose the utilization of VOSO4 as a redox mediator in the MnO2-Zn battery to facilitate the dissolution of MnO2. Through various techniques such as electrochemical measurements, ex-situ UV-visible spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, and scanning electron microscope, we validate the interaction between VO2+ and MnO2, which effectively mitigates the accumulation of MnO2. The introduction of the redox mediator results in exceptional redox reversibility and outstanding cycling stability of the MnO2/VOSO4-Zn battery at high areal capacities, with 900 cycles at 5 mAh cm-2 and 500 cycles at 10 mAh cm-2. Notably, even in the flow battery device, the battery exhibits a stable cycling performance over 300 cycles at 20 mAh cm-2. These research findings shed light on the potential large-scale application of electrolytic MnO2-Zn batteries.


Electrolytic MnO2-Zn batteries, high areal capacity, redox mediators, VOSO4, cycling stability

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Xu Y, Huang W, Liu J, Hu R, Ouyang L, Yang L, Zhu M. Promoting the reversibility of electrolytic MnO2-Zn battery with high areal capacity by VOSO4 mediator. Energy Mater 2023;3:[Accept].
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