The Second Recruitment of Junior Editorial Board Members

Published on: 30 May 2024 Viewed: 197

Soft Science is thrilled to announce the second recruitment of Junior Editorial Board Members. This initiative aims to enhance the dynamism and international prestige of our journal while establishing a vibrant platform for academic exchanges among outstanding young scholars worldwide. We warmly invite exceptional young experts and scholars to join us in driving the journal's growth and success.

1. Benefits:

  • Priority in manuscript submission and publication: Enjoy an Article Processing Charge (APC) waiver for one article and discounts on APCs for solicited articles;
  • Reduced registration fees: Benefit from lower fees for academic events organized by the journal;
  • Organizational opportunities: Assist in organizing annual Editorial Board meetings and academic conferences, fostering exchanges with leading scholars;
  • Promotion of achievements: Gain visibility through the journal's WeChat public account, Twitter, and other media platforms.

2. Qualifications:

  • Hold a Ph.D. or associate professorship and higher;
  • Demonstrate a robust research background in soft science, with a track record of high-level journal publications;
  • Align with the journal's development direction and be willing to dedicate time and effort to its growth;
  • Prior experience as an Editorial Board member or SCI manuscript reviewer is preferred.

3. Responsibilities:

  • Manuscript Solicitation: Engage in soliciting and organizing manuscripts and planning Special Issues;
  • Peer Review: Participate in peer-review processes to uphold publishing quality;
  • Promotion: Leverage professional conferences and social media platforms to promote the journal and its articles;
  • Academic Activities: Attend Junior Editorial Board meetings and collaborate in organizing or co-organizing relevant academic conferences.

4. Term of Appointment:

  • Two years, with dynamic selection of the next Junior Editorial Board based on the completion of annual tasks;

5. Applications:

Join us at Soft Science if you are passionate about advancing the field of soft science, eager to contribute your expertise, and excited to collaborate with a community of distinguished scholars. By becoming part of our Junior Editorial Board, you will have the unique opportunity to shape the future of our journal, influence groundbreaking research, and foster international academic exchanges.

Editor: Inga Ren
Language Editor: Emma Chen
Production Editor: Yan Zhang
Respectfully submitted by the Editorial Office of Soft Science

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