2017 Annual Work Report of Mini-invasive Surgery

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On January 25, 2018, the editorial staff of the journal, Mini-invasive Surgery (MIS), participated in the meeting of Journal Annual Report, held by China Office of the OAE Publishing Inc. in Xi'an. At the meeting, Anne Niu, Managing Editor of MIS, gave a review on overall development of MIS journal in 2017, summarizing problems encountered by the editorial staff, and proposed some measures for improvement. Also, Ms. Niu made plans for the development of the journal in the coming year.

2017 marks the launching of the journal and we have always been upholding the principle of "High Quality Publication" by OAE Publishing Inc. Under the guidance of the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Charles F. Bellows and other members of the Editorial Board, with full cooperation of the editorial staff, the journal successfully published the first issue on March 31, 2017 and another three issues in the ensuing June, September, and December, respectively. A total of 35 articles were published in the whole year. The types of these articles and the distribution of all the authors by nationality are as follows: 


By December 31, 2017, articles published in MIS had got a total of 35,567 views and 1,840 downloads. Among them, the Special Issue, "Percutaneous Endoscopic System for Spinal Diseases" organized by Dr. Hisashi Koga from Iwai Orthopaedic Medical Hospital in Japan was well-received by the readers and had remarkably higher downloads and views. Three other articles also got lots of attention: "Preoperative workup, patient selection, surgical technique and follow-up for a successful laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication", "Hybrid mesh for sports hernia repair" and "Evaluation of laparoscopic rectosigmoidopexy for the treatment of complete rectal prolapse in children".

Rising views and downloads also indicate the journal's rising appeal to more readers around the world. By the end of December 2017, the MIS readership had been expanded to 124 countries/regions around the world.

In 2017, journal Editors also attended the 10th Annual Meeting of Chinese College of Surgeons (CCS2017) held in China National Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing, where they listened to a series of insightful speeches of the participating experts and also consulted some of the experts about the latest research results within the specific fields covered in the journal. At the same time, they also introduced the journal to the participating experts at this event, giving them a deeper understanding of MIS journal.

With the standardization of journal publication and the growing influence, MIS obtained the online ISSN (Online ISSN: 2574-1225) on August 8, 2017 officially. It has been indexed by 4 databases, CNKI, J-Gate, ResearchBib, and Chaoxing "Domain" Publishing Platform, with all the articles archived in Portico, which provides permanent archiving for electronic scholarly journals.

Although MIS was newly launched, it has been well-established in its field. It has won support of Dr. Gordon N. Buchanan from The Lister Hospital in the UK in organizing a Special Issue on the topic of "A Bespoke Approach to Colorectal Cancer Resection". More hot topics are to be determined upon further communication with our board.

The editorial staff would like to take this opportunity to thank the Editor-in-Chief, Section Editors, Editorial Board Members and all the reviewers for their hard work, and also thank all the authors and readers for their supports and loving care. In 2018, we will continue our efforts with members of the Editorial Board for the publication and promotion of the journal. We will strive to bring it to a higher level in the new year and get closer to the goal of building a world-class academic exchange platform! 

At last, on behalf of the Editorial Board of the journal and the editorial staff, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the following experts for their contributions to article review and language editing in 2017:

In alphabetical order by last names:

Ibrahim Anwar Ahmed Abdelazim, Fernando A. Alvarez, Dayang Anita Abdul Aziz, Souvik Banerjee, Teresa Baptista-Fernandes, Stefano Maria Massimiliano Basso, Riccardo G. Bertolo, Alberto Biondi, Valeria Calcaterra, Davide Campobasso, Jose Carugno, Davide Cavaliere, Guido Costamagna, Atef M Darwish, Alberto Pérez-Lanzac De Lorca, David S. Edelman, Akmal Nabil Ahmad El-Mazny, Cristina Falavolti, Pedro Manuel Ferreira, Carla Ferreira Kikuchi Fernandes, Ilana Fortgang, Brenton R. Franklin, Donald Fry, Monika Hagen, Ahmed Abd-Elghaffar Helal, Fernando A. M. Herbella, Zhi-Wei Hu, Ankush Jairath, Fatemeh Jesmi, Panagiotis Kallidonis, Hisashi Koga, Tsunenori Kondo, Mario Kopljar, Tom Lyons, Shigeki Matsubara, Idit Melnik, Nagendra Nath Mishra, Carlos Roger Molinas, Richard Lawrence John Naspro, Christopher Netsch, Yasser Abdelsattar Noureldin, Hitoshi Oh-oka, Katsuhiro Okuda, Athanasios Papatsoris, Federico A. Paredes, Niccolò Petrucciani, Vedran Poljak, Praveen Pushkar, Sameh Shehata, Mosab Shetiwy, Hsiu-Hui Shih, Diego Adao Fanti Silva, Alison Smith, Lim Sey Kiat Terence, Akif Turna, Paolo Ubiali, Julien Vaisman, Lazar Velicki, Wah Yang, Edvin Zekaj.

Respectfully submitted by Anne Niu, Managing Editor.

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All published articles are preserved here permanently: