2022 Annual Report of Mini-invasive Surgery

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The year 2022 is significant for Mini-invasive Surgery (MIS). With the great support of the Editor-in-Chief Prof. Giulio Belli, all Editorial Board members, authors, reviewers and readers, MIS has made great breakthroughs and progress and has attracted wide attention from scholars in the field.

Here, the Editorial Office summarizes the achievements made in 2022 from the following aspects:

1. Editorial Board

In 2022, eleven new outstanding scholars joined the Editorial Board and two new young scholars joined the Youth Editorial Board. As of December 31, 2022, the MIS Editorial Board has a total of 112 members, mainly from over 12 countries, including Italy, the USA, Japan, China, France, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, the UK, Canada, Denmark, South Korea, etc.

2. Authorship

The authors of MIS in 2022 are from over 20 countries and regions, including Italy, the USA, Japan, China, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, France, etc. Many of the authors work in world-renowned institutes, including Duke University, USA; Harvard Medical School, USA; Cleveland Clinic Florida, USA; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, USA; Mount Sinai Health System, USA; University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the UK and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, China, etc.

3. Readership

The readers of MIS are globally distributed, covering more than 197 countries and regions, including the USA (42%), India (9%), the UK (6%), China (4%), Italy (3%), Australia (3%), Canada (3%), Philippines (2%), Japan (1%), South Korea (1%), etc. In 2022, the share of readers in the UK and India continued to grow.

4. Publications

In 2022, 58 high-quality papers were accepted and published in MIS, including 37 reviews, 10 original articles, 1 systematic review, 4 editorials, 4 technical notes, 1 perspective, and 1 opinion, and received a total of 211, 834 views and 37,184 downloads in 2022. The journal insists on publishing valuable scientific research, so the reviewers consistently abide by strict guidelines to appraise the received papers, and the rejection rate in 2022 was 54.8%.  

Here are some excellent papers for recommendation in 2022:

1. TAVI specific sex consideration
2. Prevention and management of internal hernias after bariatric surgery: an expert review
3. Computer-aided quality assessment (CAQ): the next step for artificial intelligence in colonoscopy?
4. Commissural alignment in TAVI: a new frontier to facilitate coronary reaccess and Redo TAVI
5. Prevention and management of peri-procedural TAVR complications
6. SB Knife Jr: characteristics and tips on how to use
7. Ureter identification utilizing indocyanine green (ICG) imaging in colorectal surgery: a systematic review of the literature

5. Webinars

As of December 31, 2022, MIS held six webinars focusing on different hot topics. The webinars were live streaming online on multiple platforms with a cumulative audience of more than 7,500. The researchers shared and discussed their knowledge and research results, and built a research network in the field of minimally invasive surgery.

(1) Bariatric Surgery in 2022: Are We Really Making an Impact?
Chair: Prof. Marco G. Patti, Department of Surgery, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA; Prof. Fernando A. M. Herbella, Department of Surgery, Escola Paulista de Medicina, Federal University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
(2) Update on Endoscopic Diagnosis and Treatment - Expert Discussion
Chair: Prof. Jean‐François Rey, Department of Hepato-Gastroenterology, Institut Arnault Tzanck, St. Laurent du Var, France; Prof. Shinji Tanaka, Department of Endoscopy, Hiroshima University Hospital, Hiroshima, Japan.
(3) Management of Complications in Bariatric Surgery
Chair: Prof. Michel Gagner, Senior consultant, Hôpital du Sacre Coeur, Montreal, Canada.
Discussants: Dr. Omar M. Ghanem, Metabolic Surgeon, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA; Dr. Neil Floch, Director of Bariatric Surgery, Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk, CT, USA.
(4) Current and Future Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Chair: Prof. Zenichi Morise, Department of Surgery, Okazaki Medical Center, Fujita Health University, Okazaki, Japan.
(5) Robotic Surgery in Urology: Present and Future
Chair: Prof. Jens Rassweiler, Department of Urology and Pediatric Urology, University of Heidelberg, Germany; Department of Urology and Andrology, Danube Private University, Krems, Austria.
(6) A New Era of Minimally Invasive HPB Surgery
Chair: Prof. Ho Seong Han, Department of Surgery, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea.

6. Interviews

To strengthen the cooperation between experts and the editorial team while disseminating their innovative ideas to the world, the Editorial Office continued to interview four experts in the field of minimally invasive surgery around the world in 2022 and received about 2,000 views. Here are the interviewees in 2022:

(1) Prof. Zenichi Morise, Department of Surgery, Okazaki Medical Center, Fujita Health University, Okazaki, Japan.
(2) Prof. Fernando A. M. Herbella, Department of Surgery, Escola Paulista de Medicina, Federal University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
(3) Prof. Shanu Kothari, Department of Surgery, University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Greenville, SC, USA.
(4) Prof. Mario Morino, Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Torino, Torino, Italy.

7. Indexing

In 2022, MIS was indexed by Dimensions and was accepted for inclusion in Scopus, which proves that the publication quality and standard of the journal have been recognized by the international database and lays a solid foundation for the further development of the journal.

MIS is committed to disseminating scientific research and promoting scientific innovation in minimally invasive surgery and will adhere to publishing more valuable and high-quality papers as well as bringing more wonderful webinars and interviews in the future. Thanks again to all the experts who have contributed to MIS in 2022.

Respectfully Submitted by the Editorial Office of Mini-invasive Surgery.

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