Past President of International Society of Surgery - Dr. Marco G. Patti Gave Authors Advice on Writing Academic Articles

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Dr. Patti is the professor of Department of Medicine and Surgery at University of North Carolina, and Director of Department of Surgery Simulation Laboratory. As an admirable professor, he won the prize of "Best Doctors in America" three times, and was awarded as Honorary Fellow Dominican Association of Surgeons and Honorary Fellow Colombian Association of Surgeons in 2015.

Introduction to the interview

The interview was composed of two parts. In the first part, we discussed three questions with Dr. Patti, all of which are related to his expertise and minimally invasive foregut surgery. The second part was about some practical skills to improve the quality of academic articles, on which Dr. Patti gave some specific and practical advice.


Part I:

Q1: When the COVID-19 is spreading across the world, what should surgeons be aware of when conducting foregut surgery?

Q2: What is your opinion on cutting-edge techniques in minimally invasive foregut surgery?

Q3: During the COVID-19 times, how about the surgery capacity in your institutions in terms of foregut surgeries?

Part II:

Q1: Do you think the COVID-19 has hindered the progress of academic research? How severe is that?

Q2: In terms of academic writing, what role do you think the abstract and title play? How to modify the abstract and title to improve the attractiveness of the article? Maybe some specific instructions.

Q3: Do you have any suggestions for authors aiming to produce high-quality articles?

Q4: How significant is peer review? What do you think reviewers can benefit from it?

Dr. Patti's suggestions for reviewer:  1. If you are not available to do the review, just say it.  2. Take some time to do the review. To take the review seriously, it is considered that the time you spend on the review should be no less than 3 hours.  3. Never write something in an impolite way.  4. Everybody needs to make a work-life balance, but if you wish to be an superior reviewer, you have to spend more time on your work.  5. Be motivated, be proactive, and be responsible.

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