The Second Editorial Board Meeting of EVCNA Held Successfully

Published on: 28 Dec 2022 Viewed: 645

The Second Editorial Board meeting of the journal Extracellular Vesicles and Circulating Nucleic Acids (EVCNA) was held online on 1st December 2022, 10:00 AM (EST, UTC-5), where the Editorial Office reported the achievements of the journal, expressed acknowledgments to all Editorial members and presented the development strategy for 2023. The participants also discussed in particular the future development of the journal and the current popular topics in this field.

There were 10 Editorial Board (EB) members with top academic backgrounds attending this online meeting. The attendees also included 12 promising young researchers who serve as Junior EB members of the journal. The list of participants is at the end of this news.

In the beginning, Dr. Yoke Peng Loh, the Editor-in-Chief, declared the meeting open, introduced the new Editorial Office members, and welcomed the EB members. Then the Editorial Office presented the journal’s progress report and the development plan, strategy, and challenges we may face in the future.

Then in the discussion part, EB members discussed the future development strategies of the journal. Many members put forward their opinions and suggestions to make the journal better.

The meeting was concluded with remarks by Dr. Loh on behalf of the Editorial Office, expressing sincere appreciation to the EB members, who have made huge contributions to the journal. It is believed that EVCNA will reach new heights in the coming 2023 under the professional guidance of the Editor-in-Chief and with the continuous support from the EB members!

Dr. Yoke Peng Loh

Associate Editors:
Prof. Michael Graner
Prof. Weiliang Xia

Editorial Board members:
Prof. Shannon Holliday
Prof. Guoku Hu
Dr. Peiyong Jiang
Prof. David Lubman
Prof. Aijun Wang
Prof. Janos Zempleni
Prof. Hao Zhang

Junior Editorial Board members:
Dr. Geneviève Bart
Dr. Ilana Chefetz Menaker
Dr. Fernando de la Cuesta
Dr. Orazio Fortunato
Dr. Susana García-Silva
Dr. Subhadip Ghatak
Dr. Guoping Li
Dr. Magdalena Lorenowicz
Dr. Maija Puhka
Dr. Ashley E. Russell
Dr. Pinar Uysal Onganer
Dr. Yang You

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