OAE Publishing Inc. and Southeast University Collaborate to Raise Energy Materials’ International Fame

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OAE Publishing Inc. and Southeastern University have forged a strategic cooperation agreement in December 2023. This collaboration aims to establish the journal Energy Materials (EM) as the preeminent authoritative publication worldwide in energy materials within the next three years.

Founded in May 2021 by OAE Publishing Inc, EM stands as a gold open-access journal dedicated to disseminating recent progress related to materials science and engineering within the realm of energy conversion and storage. The journal publishes Articles, Communications, Mini/Reviews, Research Highlights, and Perspectives with original research works focusing on the challenges and innovations in sustainable energy for the future. Research topics include, but are not limited to, batteries and supercapacitors, fuel cells, solar cells, solar and thermal power generation, hydrogen generation and storage, advanced materials characterization techniques, hydrocarbon conversion and storage, inorganic and organic photovoltaics, thermoelectric materials, nanocomposite dielectrics for energy storage, bioenergy and biofuels, and regional or global energy analysis. EM has been currently indexed in several databases, such as ESCI, CAS, Dimensions, Lens, J-Gate, CNKI, etc. and will receive its first Impact Factor in June 2024.

With the EM journal as the cornerstone, OAE Publishing Inc. and Southeastern University will work together to create a robust forum for scholarly communication, foster scientific collaboration to commit to the future development of the journal, and achieve top-notch research outcomes. They endeavor to encourage knowledge exchange, enrich the scientific community, and publicize university research findings to a global academic readership through academic publications.

Both partners will collaboratively sponsor summits, seminars, and networking events to share scientific research findings, innovative applications, and experiences of collaboration models in the interdisciplinary domain of energy materials in order to create a more open and cooperative academic environment. These initiatives seek to deeply integrate research and innovation, actively advance the discipline of sustainable materials development, and spread research findings to both academic and corporate sectors.

Adhering rigorously to a strict peer-review process, the Editors of EM consistently upholds the principles of promptness, effectiveness, and the delivery of high-quality publications. Upon acceptance, papers will be promptly previewed online. Once published, all articles will be readily available for reading, downloading, sharing, and citation. EM cordially invites academic professionals and scholars to submit your works to the journal, fostering collaborative advancement within the scope of energy materials research.

Editor: Gabriella Guo
Language Editor: Emma Chen
Production Editor: Kenny Wu
Respectfully Submitted by the Editorial Office of Energy Materials(EM)

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