Recruitment of Junior Editorial Board Members

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Currently, Energy Materials (EM) offers a vibrant academic exchange platform for distinguished young scholars, inviting them to join as Junior Editorial Board Members. This initiative aims to facilitate the dissemination of their research, expedite journal development, and cultivate young scholars for the Editorial Board. The Junior Editorial Board Members are recruited through self-recommendation and selection by the Editorial Board.

As a member of the Junior Editorial Board, you will collaborate closely with existing Editorial Board members, a cohort of world-renowned scholars committed to fostering an active academic platform and facilitating worldwide research cooperation.

1. Benefits Include:

  • No publication fees for your one article once accepted after peer-review during your tenure;
  • Priority publication of your work and recommended articles in EM after peer-review and acceptance;
  • Opportunities to participate in or host annual meetings or online seminars organized by the Editorial Office;
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas with internationally influential researchers within this field;
  • An opportunity to be promoted to the Editorial Board based on your contributions to the journal;
  • An official certificate of appointment issued by the Editor-in-Chief.

2. Recruitment Eligibility

  • Possess a robust research background in the field of energy materials, accompanied by a track record of high-level journal publications;
  • Demonstrate active involvement in scientific research and a genuine passion for academic publishing and building world-class journals;
  • Scholars who preside over national-level scientific research projects will be preferred;
  • Scholars should have experience in the review process of SCI journals.

3. Responsibilities of a Junior Editorial Board Member

Junior Editorial Board Members are expected to actively participate in the EM family, support the development of the journal, and engage in relevant scientific activities. The responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Participate in peer-review processes to uphold publishing quality;
  • Publicize and promote the journal at academic conferences and among peers;
  • Provide constructive suggestions and guidance for the journal development.

4. Term and Evaluation of Junior Editorial Board Members

  • The journal will issue a certificate of appointment to the selected young experts for a term of 2 years. The next Junior Editorial Board will be dynamically selected based on the completion of annual tasks;
  • Evaluation involves scholars creating a work plan at the beginning of each tenure, participating in a minimum of two tasks as mentioned earlier, and submitting a performance certificate of designated responsibilities at year-end. An annual evaluation will be conducted, enabling candidates with excellent performance to be re-elected or promoted to higher positions.

5. Applications

  • Please send your academic resume, along with a concise annual work plan, as outlined in the Application Form provided. Applications should be sent to with the subject line “Energy Materials Junior Editorial Board-Name-Research Interest”;
  • Application Deadline: August 31, 2023;
  • The Junior Editorial Board selection process involves the initial screening of application materials → assessment by the editorial committee → confirmation and announcement of selected candidates → issuance of appointment certificates.

Please complete the application form through this link:”Energy-Materials“-Junior-Editorial-Board-Members-Application-form.docx

For any inquiries or clarifications, please feel free to contact us. Your contribution to advancing energy materials research is greatly valued, and we eagerly anticipate your application.

Respectfully Submitted by the Editorial Office of

Energy Materials

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