Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Carbon Footprints in 2023

Published on: 9 Jan 2024 Viewed: 170

The Editorial Office of Carbon Footprints extends our sincere gratitude to the esteemed reviewers listed below for their invaluable contributions in assessing manuscripts throughout 2023. Their dedicated time, expertise, and meticulous evaluation have significantly enhanced the quality of the manuscripts and the scientific caliber of the journal.

We express our heartfelt appreciation to:

Alfonso Mucci

Jiaao Wang

Rebecca McLeod

Andrew Adewale Alola

Jill A. Jenkins

Richard A. MacKenzie

Becky Pui Ying Loo

Jinzhi Ding

Richard Tobias Olsson

Brent Swallow

John Kerekes

Robert Lane

Carmen Leiva-Dueñas

John Sutherland

Sangtae Kim

Chiara Papetti

Jordan Barr

Seth W. Snyder

Colin Woodroffe

Joshua William Busby

Sherri Jeakins Morris

Cristina Adams

Kelpie Wilson

Songlin Liu

Damien Guihen

Leo Lymburner

Sophia Johannessen

Dimitrios Karras

Nadescha Zwerschke

Susanne Lockhart

Elizabeth Ashton

Nor Adilla Rashidi

Tsangyao Chang

Erick R. Bandala

Nyein Chan

Yi Song

Exequiel Ezcurra

Oscar Manuel Rodríguez Narváez

Ying Huang

Fiona Gell

Patrick Mikalef

Yung Fu Huang

Genxing Pan

Pibin Guo

Zhihong Pang

Gregory Trencher

Pramaditya Wicaksono

Zhijian Jiang

Jeffrey Ampah

Raimundo Jiménez Ballesta

Zubin Xie

*Note: The list is in alphabetic order.

Editor: April He      
Language Editor: Catherine Yang      
Production Editor: Kenny Wu  
Respectfully submitted by the Editorial Office of Carbon Footprints.

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All published articles are preserved here permanently


All published articles are preserved here permanently