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Professor Hua Su, Editorial Board Member of Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation, from the Center for Cerebrovascular Research, University of California, Visited OAE’s Xi’an Office

Published on: 16 Aug 2017 Viewed: 2817

On July 12, 2017, Professor Hua Su, Associate Director for Basic Science Research at the Center for Cerebrovascular Research, University of California, San Francisco, was invited to our office with her husband by Professor Zhao, Editor-in-Chief of Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation (NN), OAE's Chairman Mr. Fan and all the editorial team members. They were impressed by our orderly working atmosphere. After a detailed presentation about NN was given-by our Editor-in-Chief and managing editor, Prof. Su had a deeper understanding of the journal. She praised our current efforts and progress, and suggested that we should make efforts to expand the global awareness of NN, to make the journal more widely recognized by neurologists and scholars worldwide.


Our managing editor, Ruirui Zhang, talking about the NN journal 

In addition, Prof. Su shared her opinions with us about her special issue of NN (”Stroke”) that is being prepared. Given the high incidence and mortality of stroke, coupled with its high recurrence rate and devastating complications, the medical profession has come to regard stroke as one of the three major diseases (along with heart disease and cancer) that most threaten human health. Thus, clinical studies of stroke have more and more relevance and have gained increasing attention worldwide. Prof. Su believes that the articles included in this special issue will be of significant interest to many experts and scholars in the field. With the cooperation of NN’s editorial team, more experts and scholars in stroke research could become aware of the journal. This includes using the journal’s website not only for publishing online articles, but also as a platform to explore new developments and support communication with academic professionals all over the world.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Zhao and Mr. Fan expressed sincere gratitude to Prof. Su for her continuous support and concern for the journal, and for accepting the invitation to visit our office in such hot weather. Mr. Fan also expressed the determination of all the members of NN to achieve our goals. Even if our aims will be hard to achieve, every step we take forward will, little by little, lead us to ultimately accomplish our objectives. We firmly believe that under the leadership of Prof. Zhao and the joint efforts of all the Editorial Board members and editorial staffs, NN will become increasingly successful and prominent as an influential scientific journal in the near future!


From the left: the chairman of OAE Publishing Inc., Min Fan; Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Gang Zhao;
Editorial Board member, Prof. Hua Su, with her husband; and managing editor, Ruirui Zhang

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