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Topic: Molecular Targeted Therapy for Unresectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma

A Special Issue of Hepatoma Research

ISSN 2454-2520 (Online) 2394-5079 (Print)

Submission deadline: 30 Jan 2024

Guest Editor(s)

Mohamed Bouattour, MD
Principal Investigator for primary liver cancers; Consultant Physician in the Department of Hepatology at Beaujon Hospital AP-HP, Paris, France.

Special Issue Introduction

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), often diagnosed at advanced stages, has undergone a paradigm shift in its therapeutic landscape. While immunotherapy has showcased remarkable efficacy, we recognize that addressing unresectable HCC requires a multifaceted approach. Hence, this Special Issue not only highlights the strides made in immunotherapy but also underscores the indispensable role of Molecular Targeted Therapy (MTT) and its potential indications as monotherapy or in strategic combinations.

Immunotherapy has provided newfound hope by harnessing the body's immune system to combat HCC. However, given the complexity of HCC, a comprehensive strategy is essential. MTT, with its precision in targeting specific molecular aberrations, remains a powerful ally in this endeavor. The integration of MTT complements immunotherapy, expanding our armamentarium against this formidable adversary.

In this Special Issue, contributors will explore the dynamic interplay between immunotherapy and MTT. We seek to unravel the synergistic potential of combining these therapeutic modalities or assess their individual efficacy, shedding light on the optimal strategies to maximize patient benefits.

Join us in this critical discourse, where we celebrate the remarkable advancements in immunotherapy while acknowledging that, in the context of unresectable HCC, Molecular Targeted Therapy continues to play a pivotal role. Together, we aspire to refine treatment paradigms and, ultimately, offer more tailored, effective options for patients facing this challenging disease.

Suggested subtitles
1. Recent Advances in Molecular Targeted Therapies for Unresectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma;
2. Immunotherapy and Molecular Targeted Therapy: A Dynamic Duo for HCC;
3. Targeting Angiogenesis in Unresectable HCC: Current Strategies and Future Prospects;
4. Emerging Biomarkers for Personalized Molecular Targeted Therapy in HCC;
5. The Role of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Management;
6. Combination Therapies: Solving Synergies Between Immunotherapy and Molecular Targeted Agents;
7. Precision Medicine in HCC: Genomic Profiling and Targeted Approaches;
8. Overcoming Resistance to Molecular Targeted Therapies in Unresectable HCC;
9. Clinical Trials and Evidence-Based Practices in Molecular Targeted Therapy for HCC;
10. Safety and Tolerability of Molecular Targeted Agents in HCC Patients;
11. Evolving Radiological Assessment in Monitoring Response to Targeted Therapies;
12. Patient-Centered Care in Unresectable HCC: Integrating Molecular Targeted Treatments;
13. Exploring Novel Targets and Therapeutic Strategies for Advanced HCC;
14. Economic Considerations and Access to Molecular Targeted Therapies for HCC Worldwide;
15. Future Horizons: Innovations and Challenges in HCC Treatment Beyond Molecular Targeted Therapy.

Submission Deadline

30 Jan 2024

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ISSN 2454-2520 (Online) 2394-5079 (Print)


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