Special Issue

Topic: Solid State Batteries and Solid Oxide Cells: From Materials Research to Design and Applications

A Special Issue of Energy Materials

ISSN 2770-5900 (Online)

Submission deadline: 30 Nov 2024

Guest Editor(s)

Prof. Chunwen Sun
School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing, China.
Prof. Jose A. Alonso
Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

Special Issue Introduction

Solid state batteries and solid oxide cells represent cutting-edge advancements in energy storage and conversion technologies. Solid state batteries utilize solid electrolytes instead of liquid ones, offering enhanced safety, higher energy density, and improved thermal stability, making them promising for applications in electric vehicles, portable electronics and energy storage systems. In contrast, solid oxide cells are electrochemical devices that can operate as both fuel cells and electrolyzer models. They use a solid oxide or ceramic electrolyte to conduct ions at high temperatures, providing efficient energy conversion for power generation and long-term energy storage for renewable energy.

This Special Issue aims to bridge the gap between fundamental materials research and practical design and applications, highlighting recent breakthroughs and ongoing developments in these fields. Contributions will explore the synthesis, characterization, and performance optimization of novel solid electrolytes, electrodes, and interface materials. Additionally, it will cover innovative design approaches and engineering strategies to enhance the efficiency, stability, and scalability of solid state batteries and solid oxide cells. By bringing together diverse studies from materials science to applied engineering, this Special Issue seeks to foster a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in advancing solid state energy systems.


Solid state batteries, solid oxide cells, energy storage, electrolyte materials, electrode design, energy conversion, energy storage, materials optimization

Submission Deadline

30 Nov 2024

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Submission Deadline: 30 Nov 2024
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ISSN 2770-5900 (Online)
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