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Topic: Sustainable Rural and Urban Tourism and Carbon Footprint Reduction Evaluation for a Low-Carbon Future

A Special Issue of Carbon Footprints

ISSN 2831-932X (Online)

Submission deadline: 15 Feb 2025

Guest Editor(s)

Prof. Dr. Dávid Lóránt Dénes
John von Neumann University, Faculty of Economics and Business, Department of Tourism and Hospitality, Kecskemét, Hungary; Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (MATE), Institute of Rural Development and Sustainable Economy, Department of Sustainable Tourism, Gödöllő, Hungary.

Special Issue Introduction

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce a Special Issue on "Sustainable Rural and Urban Tourism and Carbon Footprint Reduction Evaluation for a Low-Carbon Future." As the global tourism industry continues to expand, it becomes imperative to address its environmental impacts, particularly the significant carbon footprint associated with travel and hospitality operations. This Special Issue aims to explore innovative strategies, best practices, and policy interventions that promote sustainable tourism development in both rural and urban settings while mitigating carbon emissions for a low-carbon future.

Rural and urban tourism destinations face distinct challenges and opportunities in their quest for sustainability. Rural areas often boast pristine natural landscapes and cultural heritage sites, attracting visitors seeking authentic experiences. However, the influx of tourists can strain local resources, degrade ecosystems, and exacerbate carbon emissions from transportation and accommodation. Conversely, urban centers serve as hubs of culture, commerce, and entertainment, drawing millions of visitors annually. Nevertheless, the concentration of tourists in cities poses challenges related to congestion, pollution, and the loss of green spaces.

This Special Issue seeks contributions that address the following themes:

Sustainable tourism practices in rural areas: Papers exploring eco-friendly accommodation options, community-based tourism initiatives, nature-based tourism activities, and sustainable resource management practices in rural destinations.

Sustainable tourism development in urban settings: Manuscripts focusing on eco-mobility solutions, green infrastructure development, waste management strategies, and sustainable urban planning approaches to reduce the carbon footprint of urban tourism.

Carbon footprint assessment and reduction strategies: Research articles employing innovative methodologies and evaluation frameworks to measure the carbon footprint of tourism activities, assess the efficacy of carbon reduction measures, and identify opportunities for enhancing sustainability in tourism destinations.

Policy interventions and stakeholder collaboration: Contributions examining the role of government policies, regulatory frameworks, public-private partnerships, and community engagement initiatives in promoting sustainable tourism development and carbon footprint reduction efforts.

We invite researchers, scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and industry stakeholders to submit original research articles, case studies, reviews, and perspectives that advance our understanding of sustainable rural and urban tourism and contribute to the realization of a low-carbon future in the tourism sector.


Carbon footprint, sustainability, environmentalism, circular economy, nature conservation

Submission Deadline

15 Feb 2025

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Submission Deadline: 15 Feb 2025
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Carbon Footprints
ISSN 2831-932X (Online)


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