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Recent progress in MXenes-based lithium-sulfur batteries

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Energy Mater 2024;4:[Accepted].
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Lithium-sulfur batteries (LSBs) are considered as the puissant candidates for next-generation energy storage systems due to high theoretical energy density. However, some inherent problems including sulfur insulation, shuttle effect caused by lithium polysulfides, and lithium dendrites hinder the practical application. Various materials have been studied to address the aforementioned issues. A class of two-dimensional inorganic compounds (MXenes), such as transition metal carbides, nitrides, and carbon nitrides, have recently emerged. In this review, we summarize the characteristics and commonly used preparation methods of MXenes, and outline the latest development of MXenes and their composites in LSBs. When utilized as sulfur carriers, modified layers of separators, hosts for lithium metal anodes, and electrolyte additives in LSBs, the diversity of structure, excellent conductivity, and high mechanical strength of MXenes and their composites highlight the competitive advantages. This review provides some ideas for the future development of MXenes in LSBs.


MXenes, lithium-sulfur batteries, sulfur hosts, functional separators, lithium metal anodes, electrolytes

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Liu H, Sun S, Jin B. Recent progress in MXenes-based lithium-sulfur batteries. Energy Mater 2024;4:[Accept].


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