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Solar interface evaporation: materials design and device assembly

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Energy Mater 2024;4:[Accepted].
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Solar interfacial evaporation (SIE) is an emerging research topic that is gaining attention due to its potential in addressing global water scarcity issues. This review provides a comprehensive overview of base materials, recent innovations in photothermal materials and the design of evaporators for effective water desalination and purification. The recent development of SIE is meticulously discussed, providing a deep understanding of the key performance indicators and state-of-the-art materials. Additionally, this review examines novel strategies that have been reported in the literature for enhancing the efficiency and scalability of SIE systems. These strategies involve using photothermal materials and exploring innovative device configurations. Finally, we will discuss the existing challenges and future research directions, emphasizing the potential of SIE in addressing global water scarcity and contributing to a sustainable future.


Solar interface evaporation, materials design, device assembly, clean water production, Photothermal materials, water desalination

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Balu SK, Cheng S, Latthe SS, Xing R, Liu S. Solar interface evaporation: materials design and device assembly. Energy Mater 2024;4:[Accept].


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