Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Vessel Plus in 2023

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The Editorial Office of Vessel Plus extends heartfelt gratitude to the following reviewers for their invaluable time and dedicated efforts in evaluating manuscripts throughout 2023. We deeply appreciate the insightful comments and suggestions provided by these reviewers, which have significantly improved both the quality of the manuscripts and the scientific caliber of the journal.

List of reviewers:

Aaron Thomas Fargion

Laurent Metzinger

Andre Korshin

Lei Zhao

Andre Lamy

Lingfeng Chen

Andrea Salica

Lionel Rebibo

Andrew Buckler

M.R. Mozafari

Andrzej Polanczyk

Maria Felice Brizzi

Ann Bolger

Marie N Sarda Kolopp

Anton Moritz

Michael Dashwood

Antonio Salsano

Milan M. Milojevic

Aravinda Nan jundappa

Milvia Casato

Chun Yuan

Mohamed Rahouma

Chunhua Jiang

Mohammad Doroudian

Daiji Nagayama

Narasimham L. Parinandi

Darryl R. Davis

Nikolaos Konstantinidis

Emanuel Tenorio

Patrick W. Serruys

Evora Paulo Roberto Barbosa

Paul Gordon

Feifei Liu

Paul H.A. Quax

Francesco Nappi

Ramon Lopez Palop

Francesco Sessa

Raul Moreno

Gabriele Ciccio

Richte Caspar Leonard Schuurmann

Gavino Faa

Riitta Rautio

Gianmarco Annibali

Robert Saeid Farivar

Gregory Landry

Samin Kumar Sharma

Guiling Zhao

Shahzad Gull Raja

Joanne Reed

Shoushui Wei

John A. Elefteriades

Tetsuya Ishikawa

Joshua Spin

Thomas F. Lindsay

Junjie Xiao

Ulrich Speck

Junping Zhang

Vijay Patel

Keli Hu

William Jackson

Kosmas I. Paraskevas

Yoshitaka Iwanaga

*Note: The list is in alphabetic order.

Editor: April He
Language Editor: Catherine Yang
Production Editor: Kenny Wu
Respectfully submitted by the Editorial Office of Vessel Plus.

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