Acknowledgment to Authors of Vessel Plus in 2023

Published on: 31 Jan 2024 Viewed: 58

The Editorial Board of Vessel Plus (VP) is pleased to acknowledge and applaud the diverse and global contributions of authors and institutions that have enriched our publications. Dedicated to advancing knowledge in various fields, VP has seen a remarkable display of international collaboration, bringing together researchers and academics from around the world.

An analysis of the contributors in 2023 reveals a truly global effort, with authors hailing from a multitude of countries and representing a wide array of institutions. This diversity not only underscores the global reach of VP but also highlights the significance of cross-border collaboration in advancing scientific and scholarly endeavors.

Key Findings:

International Representation: Authors from different countries have actively contributed to the VP journal, showcasing a genuinely international perspective (Figure 1).

Acknowledging Excellence: The Editorial Board of VP extends its sincere appreciation to all the authors who have shared their expertise and contributed to the high-quality content of the journal in 2023. Their dedication to advancing knowledge has significantly enriched VP.

VP remains committed to fostering a global community of scholars and looks forward to continued collaboration in future volumes. As we celebrate the success of this diverse and inclusive edition, we extend our gratitude to all contributors for their invaluable contributions to the advancement of academic knowledge.

Editor: Grace
Language Editor: Catherine Yang
Production Editor: Yan Zhang
Respectfully submitted by the Editorial Office of Vessel Plus.

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