2017 Annual Work Report of Stomatological Disease and Science

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2017 Annual Work Report of Stomatological Disease and Science (SDS) was successfully held in Xi’an, Branch Office of OAE Publishing. Inc., on January 25, 2017. Ariel Yuan, the Managing Editor, presented an overall development of journal over the past year, and she also raised proposals for improvements and plans for the development in the coming year, which reads as follows.

Since the launching of the journal, high-quality publishing has always been our chief goal. Under the leadership of our Editor-in-Chief Prof. Nikolaos G. Nikitakis and other editorial team members, a total of 20 articles have been published by authors from all over the world in 2017, the majority of which are Original Articles. Detailed info as shown follows:

Articles published in 2017 were browsed 30,551 times and downloaded 1,499 times cumulatively, among which, one of Editorial Board members Dimitrios Andreadis' contribution "Chemotherapy: oral side effects and dental interventions. A review of the literature" received the highest views and downloads. All the published articles have been welcomed by readers around the world. By December 2017, the journal had reached a broad audience in over 118 countries worldwide, as indicated in the next figure:


With the continuous expansion of academic influence, SDS has collaborated with 11 major international academic conferences in succession in less than one year. SDS has been indexed by the following 4 databases: CNKI, Open J-Gate, ResearchBib, Chaoxing "Domain" Publishing Platform. While attracting experts from different regions of the world to contribute to the journal, we are also organizing Special Issues in the field of stomatological research.

Hereby, the editorial team would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Board members, reviewers, readers and authors of the journal for their hard work and continuous support over the past year. Together we have made some gratifying achievements, but there is still a long way to go. In 2018, we will continue our efforts in our cooperation under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief, with all Editorial Board members, reviewers, authors and readers in upholding the principles of scientific rigorousness and fairness in publication of the journal, in a bid to create a high-quality journal with global influence, serve scientific researchers as well as promote scientific innovation!

Finally, on behalf of the Editorial Board of journal and all Wditors, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the following experts for their contributions to reviewing and language editing in 2017!

In alphabetical order by last name:
Takahiro Abe, Mahmuda Akhter, Mônica Ghislaine Oliveira Alves, Salman Aziz, Durgesh Nagesh Bailoor, Nikolaos A. Chrysanthakopoulos, Emad Tawfik Mhmoud Daif, Andreadis Dimitrios, Dimitrios Dionysopoulos, Sertan Ergun, Olga Di Fede, Eduardo Fernández, Cláudia Ferreira, Ioannis Gkouveris, Raúl González-García, Marina Grandis, Noor Saira Hajira, Tamer A. Hamza, Kazi Ahsan Jamil, Primali Rukmal Jayasooriya, Himija Karia, Lydia Katrova, Vivekanand S. Kattimani, Kayamori K, Wu KY, Nikolaos G. Nikitakis, A. Thirumal Raj, Giuseppe Alessandro Scardina, Anuj Sharma, Nadir Sinikoglu, Laura Stromengher, Murat Ünal, Jean-Michel Vallat, Vaishnavee Vassandacoumara, Jon Wagner, Fu-Gui Zhang

Respectfully submitted by Ariel Yuan, Managing Editor.

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