The 2023 China One Health Summit on April 22-24

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The "2023 One Health Summit" was successfully held in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, China on April 22nd- 24th. Under the guidance of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, this summit was held by OAE Publishing Inc. and was supported by One Health Implementation Research (OHIR) of OAE Publishing Inc., Science in One Health (SOH) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Elsevier, and Chinese Consortium for One Health. 

The summit aimed to gather outstanding Chinese scholars and young researchers who focus on zoonoses and ecological health to discuss advanced knowledge and research results, and to promote the implementation of the One Health approach to public health. The summit invited 67 speakers and was divided into eight sub-forums, together with 74 special lectures, which attracted more than 300 registrations to attend the summit.

The brief programme at a glance:

Opening Forum: One Health Approach: From Theory to Implementation of Systems Thinking
Sub-forum 1: Zoonotic Disease Prevention and Control under Systematic Thinking
Sub-forum 2: Integrated Surveillance and Early Warning System
Sub-forum 3: Antimicrobial Resistance from Animals to Hospitals
Sub-forum 4: One Health Approach: From Laboratory to Health Policy
Sub-forum 5: Climate Change and Health
Sub-forum 6: Multidisciplinary Technology and Zoonotic Disease Research
Closing forum: One Health Approach: From Data, Simulation to Field Applications

Some renowned experts delivered excellent speeches:

Topic: Holistic Integrative Medicine and One Health

Prof. Daiming Fan, Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Foreign Members of the US National Academy of Medicine and the French Academy of Medicine; current members of the Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee of the 13th National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China; Chairman of the China Anti-Cancer Association; President of the Asia Pacific Digestive Week; Director of the Xijing Hospital of Digestive Diseases of the Fourth Military Medical University of China; Director of the State Key Laboratory of Cancer Biology; Director of the National Clinical Research Center for Digestive Diseases; Director of the National New Drug Clinical Trial Institution. 

Topic: The Construction of the One Health Discipline Group from the Global Perspective

Prof. Xiaonong Zhou, Director of the National Institute of Parasitic Diseases of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Chairman of the Global Health Branch of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association; Director of Shanghai Jiao Tong University-The University of Edinburgh One Health Center; Editor-in-Chief of Science in One Health.

Topic: Emergence Mechanism of Cryptosporidium Zoonoides in China and Its Public Health Implications

Prof. Lihua Xiao, Distinguished Professor of South China Agricultural University, Outstanding Talent of the "Pearl River Talent Program" in Guangdong Province; Recipient of the Henry Baldwin Ward Medal for Distinguished Service of Parasitological Society of America.

Topic: The One Health Approach to the Control and Prevention of Zoonotic Toxoplasmosis

Prof. Xingquan Zhu, winner of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund; Changjiang Distinguished Professor; Director of the Research Center for Animal Diseases and Zoonoses at Shanxi Agricultural University.

Topic: Systematic Immunological Exploration and Thinking of Virus Prevention and Control

Prof. Kun Yang, Director of the Immunology Department at the School of Basic Medicine at Air Force Medical University; Director of the Key Laboratory of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

Topic: Cold Cognition and Hot Movements in Open Access Publishing

Mr. Min Fan, the China Regional CEO of OAE Publishing Inc.

In addition to presentations from well-known experts, there are special reports series, posters display, and free discussions among young scholars.

The summit also attracted the attention of the news media, including journalists from Shaanxi Radio and TV Station who came to the conference site and conducted video interviews with remarkable experts.

Prof. Daiming Fan, Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in the interview that in the post-epidemic era, the "2023 One Health Summit" hosted by OAE Publishing Inc. positioned and interpreted the concept of One Health professionally, and discussed the development trend, new ideas and new methods of prevention and control of diseases caused by the interaction between human and animal, plant, microenvironment and ecological environment, which is of great significance to the development of epidemiology. This conference also gave the general public a new understanding of "the impact of the environment on human health". Only by maintaining the balance between humans and nature and enhancing human natural power can human beings develop healthily. This conference is also of great social significance.

In the interview, Prof. Xingquan Zhu explained the concept of "One Health", which does not only focus on a single subject or domain, but integrates human health, animal health and environmental health into a health whole. Since the new century, zoonotic diseases, food safety, antibiotic resistance and environmental pollution have become major public health problems that seriously affect human health. Interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and cross-country (region) cooperation is needed to jointly deal with complex public health problems. In China, malaria prevention and control and research is a relatively successful case.

Mr. Min Fan shared the purpose of the academic conference held by OAE Publishing Inc. in the interview. He said that COVID-19 has had a great impact on human health. In the post-epidemic era, we gather experts in the One Health field to conduct in-depth study and discussion, so as to promote the research development in this field. What should Chinese research institutions or scholars pay attention to when setting up international academic journals? He expressed that the following points must be well understood to lay a solid foundation for the establishment of an influential international academic journal: journal discipline positioning, Editorial Board construction, editorial policy formulation, article invitation, article peer review, publication ethics and journal publicity and promotion.

It is a timely summit regarding the current research and application and the prospects in the One Health field. The Editorial Office of OHIR highly appreciates all scholars' wonderful speeches benefiting researchers in the field a lot and thanks all participants for contributing to the event's success.

As an emerging journal of OAE Publishing Inc., OHIR will endeavor to bring value to the field. We look forward to cooperating with experts all over the world to publish more high-quality papers and hold more influential summits to foster the exchange of academic dialogue and international collaboration.

Respectfully submitted by the Editorial Office of One Health and Implementation Research.

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