Microbiome Research Reports is Accepted for Inclusion in Scopus

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We are delighted to share the gratifying news that Microbiome Research Reports has been accepted for inclusion in the Scopus index. This recognition follows a rigorous review by Elsevier’s official Content Selection and Advisory Board, signifying a major milestone for MRR. It underscores not only the journal’s high academic standards but also its relevance and accessibility to a global, scholarly audience.

The Content Selection and Advisory Board (CSAB) meticulously assesses journals applying for inclusion in the Scopus index, employing both quantitative and qualitative measures across five key categories (Journal Policy, Content, Journal Standing, Publishing Regularity, Online Availability). According to the latest statistics from Elsevier, “Every year, thousands of new titles are suggested for inclusion in Scopus, but only 33% of those titles meet the rigorous technical criteria. And of those roughly 1,200 titles, only 50% are accepted after review by our independent Content Selection Advisory Board.”

This accolade is a testament to the high standards of academic quality, relevance, and accessibility that MRR consistently demonstrates. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the entire MRR editorial team, particularly acknowledging the outstanding contributions of Editor-in-Chief Prof. Marco Ventura and Co-Editor-in-Chief Prof. Douwe van Sinderen. Their unwavering dedication has significantly elevated the journal’s academic profile within a remarkably short span.

As we celebrate this achievement, we eagerly anticipate witnessing MRR's ongoing evolution and growth in the years ahead.

Editor: Susie Xiang
Language Editor: Catherine Yang
Production Editor: Kenny Wu  
Respectfully submitted by the Editorial Office of Microbiome Research Reports

Microbiome Research Reports
ISSN 2771-5965 (Online)


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