Announcement of Microbiome Research Reports Best Paper Award 2022

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The Editorial Office is pleased to announce that the "Microbiome Research Reports Best Paper Award 2022" has been established to recognize and promote high-quality contributions to academic research. Papers (Original Articles and Review Articles) submitted to Microbiome Research Reports from September 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022 will be considered. One article will be selected for this award after a thorough evaluation by the journal's Scientific Committee under the guidance of the whole Editorial Board team.

The best paper will be evaluated comprehensively from three aspects: comments submitted by reviewers, comprehensive evaluation of the Editorial Board team, and number of citations (searched by Google Scholar). It should be noted that the Editorial Board members will not participate in the selection of papers from their universities/institutions.

Microbiome Research Reports encourages authors to focus on the following factors:
Innovation; Significance to the research community; Scientific impact; Technical excellence

Submission date: September 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022; 
Publication date: before March 31, 2023;
Winner(s) announcement: before April 30, 2023.

Winner(s) will be entitled to:
(1) A reward of $1000;
(2) An official award certificate with the name of the award, the title of the paper, and the name(s) of the author(s);
(3) The research achievements will be broadly promoted through all platforms of Microbiome Research Reports and OAE Publishing Inc;
(4) Winner(s) will be invited as Chair(s) or Guest Speaker(s) of journal webinars. The webinars will be held via Zoom and they could be broadcast live on Youtube and the Chinese WeChat Official Account, Video Account, Bilibili, etc;
(5) A special interview will be provided to winner(s) and the interview will be promoted on the journal homepage and all media promotion platforms of the journal and the publisher.

Respectfully Submitted by the Editorial Office
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