Surveillance, Security and Safety: The Planning of a New Journal

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On April 14, 2019, ten international leaders in the area of Surveillance, Security and Safety got together at the Shangri-La Hotel in Nanjing, China to brain-storm the establishment of a new journal. The effort was promoted by OAE Publishing headquartered in Los Angeles.  The team was lead by Professor Michael G. Pecht of the University of Maryland and Professor Xiaofeng Chen of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, along with 9 experts in the related fields of the research. Other members of this team included Professor Gao Fei from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Professor Huang Qiong from South China Agricultural University, Professor Liu Tao from Zhejiang University, Professor Shen Jian from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Dr. Wang Ding from Peking University, and the OAE staff team.

It was determined that there was a strong need for a journal that is of extremely high quality, open access, with a rapid submit to publish time, and without any restrictions on the length of the paper. Key topics of interest were considered to include:

  • AI-based surveillance and security
  • Privacy protection based on machine learning
  • Security of machine learning algorithms
  • Deep learning for attack and defense
  • Database security
  • Data-driven cybersecurity incident prediction
  • Big data security
  • Cloud/fog computing security
  • Outsourcing and crowdsourcing security
  • Security and privacy in pervasive/ubiquitous computing
  • Cyber-physical systems security
  • Security, privacy and resilience in critical infrastructures
  • Multimedia security
  • Wireless network security
  • Social networks and IoT security
  • Information hiding, forensics and security
  • Theory and applications of cryptography
  • Identity management, authentication and access control
  • Security policies, models and architectures
  • Electronic commerce security
  • Blockchain and finance security
  • Intrusion detection
  • Phishing and spam prevention
  • Biometrics
  • Regulation of the security industry
  • Risk analysis, security measures and management
  • Innovations and technological development for security and sustainability

The result of the meeting was that a Journal of Surveillance, Security and Safety (JSSS) would be launched by OAE (OAE Publishing Inc. website:  OAE aims at widespread dissemination of research results and publication of open access journals, without a publication fee. The OAE publisher approved the efforts of team and hoped that each editorial committee could further contribute to the development of the journal, introduce innovative thinking, and promote the development of information and communication technology.

Professor Xiaofeng Chen noted that this new JSSS serve more scholars in the field of Surveillance, Security and Safety, and assured all that the journal would not only pursue hot frontier research and provide cutting-edge academic research and communication platform for scholars all over the world, but do so in a high quality manner.

JSSS will be a high-quality international open-access journal. Its establishment will assist researchers in related fields to keep abreast of research hot topics, subject information and related industry pulsations. OAE holds the firm belief that under the leadership of Chief Editors of Professor Michael Pecht and Professor Xiaofeng Chen, JSSS would emerge up as an international influential journal.

Interview with Professor Xiaofeng Chen: Co-Editor-in-Chief

Q: What's the scope of JSSS journal?
A:  The plan is to cover the complete field of information communication technology (ICT), which includes network information security, data mining, human-computer intelligent interaction. However, the methods of surveillance and the need for safety is paramount in any information communication. This is why we have this title.  

Q: How will academic quality of the JSSS journal be ensured? 
A: We will be employing a system of reviews that is the highest quality and yet highly responsive to the needs of the authors in terms of feedback and schedule. To this end, we are picking the world's leading Editorial Board members and Associate Editors; and have the full cooperation of the OAE staff.

Q: What would you like potential authors to know about this journal? 
A: This is a new journal and we will strive to make it a high-quality one in the field of ICT. We will make it maintain rapid, yet rigorous, peer-review, manuscript handling and editorial processes. To encourage contribution, article processing charge will be waived off for every submitted manuscript in the first three years. Besides, the in-house Editors will take every submitted manuscript seriously and do their best to provide customized service for contributors.    

Q: If we want more information, whom should we contact? 
A: For more information about the journal, you could contact the Editorial Office directly at or contact Managing Editor Margie Ma at

Journal of Surveillance, Security and Safety
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