OAE Publishing Inc. Held a Seminar on the Development Planning of Journal of Surveillance, Security and Safety  in Xi’an

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On April 24, 2019, OAE Publishing Inc. held a seminar on the development planning of "Journal of Survey, Security and Safety" (JSSS) in Xi'an. The seminar mainly focused on the future planning of the new journal JSSS, the formation of Editorial Board team, the quality of manuscript sources and other related details.

(Left:Xiaofeng Chen; Right: Fan Min)

At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Xiaofeng Chen, Vice Dean of the School of Cyber Engineering of Xidian University (Xidian), introduced the development and construction of information security subject in Xidian to Fan Min, the responsible person of OAE China. Professor Chen said, Xidian is the cradle for the personnel training of cryptography and information security, which has trained a large number of information security professionals for China over the past few decades. In 2014, Xidian took the lead in setting up the School of Cyber Engineering in China.

Fan Min, general manager of Beijing OAE Publishing Inc., said that the original intention of setting JSSS is to provide a more extensive and open academic exchange platform for scientists in the information field, as well as promoting academic innovation and development. Since an international-leveled Editorial Board team have already been set up at present, we will further integrate our academic and scholar resources, concentrate our advantages to run our journals and build a brand in the future. In the era of network and data, we will take the full use of OAE online platform to achieve an all-round and multi-channel communication.

Professor Xiaofeng Chen said that as a Co-Editor-in-Chief, the founding of JSSS journal is an honorable and challenging task. The task of the Editor-in-Chief is not only to establish a good academic relationship, but also to do a good job in organizing and planning. Then, the Editor-in-Chief can be responsible for the development of the journal from a general view. Although pressure exists, it also brings much motivation. Finding discovery and innovation in the challenges is the most happy thing in scientific research. "Academic journals are important carriers of academic communication and play an extremely important role in academic exchanges and development. I want to gather more outstanding Editorial Boards through my own academic influence and unremitting efforts to empower each other, strengthen cooperation and promote the rapid development of JSSS."

We hope that by establishing a high-level English academic journal in the field of information security, scholars at both home and abroad can have a stage to show their research results. Of course, it can be a long-term and arduous task. We should be calm to do every job well, then we can publish high-quality, academic value and forward-looking papers, and strive to push JSSS to a broader international stage.

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