Welcome Professor Xiaoying Zhuang as JMI's Associate Editor

Published on: 20 May 2024 Viewed: 97

We are honored to announce that Professor Xiaoying Zhuang has joined Journal of Materials Informatics (JMI) as an Associate Editor.

Professor Zhuang's key research area is machine learning and computational mechanics for the modeling and designing novel photonic systems, metamaterials, and nanostructures. She has developed numerous innovative and robust numerical methods, including level-set methods, partition-of-unity methods (such as mesh-free methods, extended finite element method (XFEM)  formulations, phantom node methods, and finite cover methods), multiscale, phase field models, and error-driven adaptive methods developed and implemented. She also has experience with coupled (hydro-mechanical, thermo-mechanical, thermo-hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical) problems, uncertainty analyzes/uncertainty quantification, as well as inverse methods and optimization processes. She has applied innovative numerical methods to solve complex problems in engineering, solid-state physics, and materials science. The research focus of Sofja Kovalevskaja Project funded by the Humboldt Foundation is the modeling, optimization and development of polymer composite materials. Her ongoing European Research Council (ERC)  Starting Grant is focused on the optimization and development of piezoelectric and flexoelectric nano-energy converters.

As an Associate Editor, Professor Zhuang will contribute to JMI's mission of advancing the frontiers of materials informatics. Her deep understanding of the field and commitment to excellence will be invaluable in ensuring the quality and impact of our published research.

We warmly welcome Professor Zhuang to our Editorial Board team. Her expertise and vision will undoubtedly help guide our journal to new heights.

Welcome, Professor Zhuang!

Editor: Mengyu Yang
Language Editor: Emma Chen
Production Editor: Yan Zhang
Respectfully Submitted by the Editorial Office of the Journal of Materials Informatics

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