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The 5th International Conference on Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems (MLIS 2023)

Time and Venue: August 14-17, 2023 | Belgrade, Serbia
About: The 5th International Conference on Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems (MLIS 2023), co-organized by Singidunum University, will be held on August 14th-17th, 2023 at Singidunum University, Belgrade, Serbia. MLIS conference is convened annually to provide a platform for knowledge exchange of the most recent scientific and technological advances in the field of machine learning and intelligent systems, and to strengthen the links in the scientific community in related filed. The plenary session of MLIS2023 will include Keynote Speeches, Invited Speeches, Poster Presentations and Oral Presentations. On behalf of the organizing committee, we cordially invite scientists, experts and scholars to attend MLIS 2023 and visit Singidunum University in Belgrade, Serbia.

2023 International Conference on Smart Materials and Surfaces

Time and Venue: March 24-26, 2023 | Shanghai, China.
About: 2023 International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (CoMSE 2023) which will be held in Shanghai, China from March 24-26, 2023.
This conference is aimed and dedicates itself to providing networking possibilities for researchers, scientists, engineers and scholars to share their experience, amazing ideas and innovative research in the field of Materials Science and Engineering. In addition, this conference would also be a stand and to discuss practical issues, challenges encountered as well as the solutions adopted.

Previous conferences

Comparing Theories, Algorithms and Computation Protocols in Materials Science and Engineering

Time and Venue: July 31 - August 5, 2022 | Newry, ME, USA
About: Within Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E), there exist semi-segregated programs; ceramists infrequently interact with metallurgists, and both of those communities rarely interact with polymer scientists. In terms of Computational Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE), the underpinning theories, algorithms, and computing protocols evolved independently to address science questions and engineering needs for their own communities. Each discipline brings different perspectives and computational strategies, which are bound to have value for the other sub-disciplines.

CAMS2022 Advancing Materials and Manufacturing

Time and Venue: June 1-3, 2022 | Victoria, Australia
About: CAMS2022 is part of an ongoing series of meetings that are the product of the cooperation between two eminent materials professional societies in Australia – Materials Australia (MA) and the Australian Ceramic Society (ACS).
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