Annual Report of OAE Publishing Inc. in 2022

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OAE has released its annual report for the fiscal year ending in 2022, revealing impressive growth and continued success in the ever-changing publishing industry. As a way to express OAE's gratitude to the scholars who have been supporting OAE, OAE would like to provide a summary of its work in the past year.

New Journals Launched in 2022

OAE is committed to promoting open access to research and innovation across a wide range of disciplines. Thus, in 2022, OAE announced the launch of two new journals, Green Manufacturing Open (GMO) and Space Mission Planning & Operations (SMPO). The aim of these journals is to promote and disseminate cutting-edge research and innovation in the fields of green manufacturing and space mission planning and operations, respectively.

Figure 1. The two journals newly launched by OAE in 2022.

Data in 2022

In 2022, 36 OAE journals continued to focus on hot topics in related research fields, receiving 1,701 submissions and publishing 849 high-quality articles. By the end of 2022, the number of authors had increased to 3,560, recording a 59% growth from 2,241 in 2021. These authors are from 1,284 universities/institutions and 85 countries, mostly 30% from China and 25% from the USA.

Figure 2 Submissions Received 

Figure 3 Articles Published

Figure 4. Country distribution of authors in 2022.

From 2020 to 2022, by adhering to the principle of high-quality publishing, the number of article views and downloads increased significantly (Figure 5). In 2022, the published articles received 239.6k views and 51.65k downloads, up 20% and 46.6% year-on-year, respectively.

Figure 5. Views and downloads of OAE publications from 2020 to 2022.

Societies and Partnerships

In 2022, our journals collaborated closely with 81 distinguished institutions and industry conferences worldwide, which benefited researchers in academic communities, providing them with valuable opportunities to publish their work and communicate their findings to a broader audience. We are proud to work alongside these organizations to promote open access and support the growth and development of academic research.

Figure 6. Some of the media partnerships of OAE journals.

Indexing and Member of OAE Journals

OAE focuses on continuously expanding the coverage of its publications in leading multidisciplinary databases such as Web of Science and Scopus. In addition, OAE prioritizes ensuring coverage of its journals in as many scope-specific databases as possible, such as the databases of the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), including PubMed Central (PMC), PubMed, and MEDLINE. Other scope-specific databases include Inspec, and Chemical Abstracts (CAS), among many others.

Table 1: The list of OAE journals included in the databases

PMCCancer Drug Resistance
ESCICancer Drug Resistance
Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment
ScopusCancer Drug Resistance
Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment
Hepatoma Research
Vessel Plus
Plastic and Aesthetic Research
Mini-invasive Surgery
Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics
CASCancer Drug Resistance
Hepatoma Research
Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment
Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics
Vessel Plus
DimensionsAgeing and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Artificial Intelligence Surgery
Cancer Drug Resistance
Complex Engineering Systems
Connected Health
Chemical Synthesis
Energy Materials
Extracellular Vesicles and Circulating Nucleic Acids
Hepatoma Research
Intelligence & Robotics
Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment
Journal of Materials Informatics
Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics
Journal of Smart Environments and Green Computing
Journal of Surveillance, Security and Safety
Journal of Environmental Exposure Assessment
Water Emerging Contaminants & Nanoplastics
Metabolism and Target Organ Damage
Microbiome Research Reports
Mini-invasive Surgery
Plastic and Aesthetic Research
Soft Science
The Journal of Cardiovascular Aging
Vessel Plus

Webinars and Academic Talks

OAE's mission is to disseminate cutting-edge scientific research, facilitate scientific advancement, and provide a reliable platform for scientists to communicate and exchange ideas. To achieve this goal, we have organized webinars and academic talk series. In 2022, we hosted 71 webinars featuring 353 distinguished speakers from 34 countries, which garnered a total of 1,191,204 views. Additionally, we conducted interviews with 69 influential scientists, which received a total of 24,333 views.

Table2: Top scientists who delivered speeches in OAE webinars

Xiaodong ChenSchool of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.Sensing-of-Everything (SoX)
Ugo BoggiDivision of General and Transplant Surgery, University of Pisa, Italy.500 robotic pancreatic resections
Weinan ECenter for Machine Learning Research, Peking University, Beijing, China.AI-Based Multi-scale Modeling for Materials
Michael M. GottesmanLaboratory of Cell Biology, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, USA.Development of a Zebrafish model to study the role of ABC transporters at the Blood-Brain Barrier
Huajian GaoDistinguished University Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.Mechanomaterials: proactive programming of material properties based on multiscale mechanics
Raymund E. HorchDepartment of Plastic and Hand Surgery, University Hospital Erlangen, Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuernberg FAU, Germany.A brief overview from mastectomy to modern breast reconstruction
Isao KoshimaPlastic and Reconstructive Surgery, International Center for Lymphedema, Hiroshima University Hospital, Japan.Aesthetic face and hand repair with supermicrosurgery
Guido KroemerCentre de Recherche des Cordeliers, France.The Hallmarks of Aging: A decade later
Jan LerutInstitute for Experimental and Clinical Research (IREC), Université Catholique Louvain (UCL), Belgium.Liver transplantation and hepatocellular carcinoma: from extended to advanced criteria
Peter LibbyDivision of Cardiovascular Medicine, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, USA.Inflammation in Atherosclerosis - A Translational Journey
Giovanni MartinelliIRCCS Istituto Romagnolo per lo Studio dei Tumori (IRST) "Dino Amadori", Italy.Importance of network in Multiple Myeloma: where are we going?
Timothy M. PawlikDepartment of Surgical Oncology, The Ohio State University, USA.Surgical Therapy for ICC
John A. RogersDepartment of Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA.Soft Electronic and Microfluidic Systems for the Skin
Balazs SarkadiMember of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Semmelweis University, Hungary.Selection and targeting cancer stem cells
Mark K. WaxDepartment of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Oregon Health & Science University, USA.Myths, urban legends and what my mentor taught me
Li-Zhu WuTechnical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.Artificial photosynthesis for chemical transformation
Jessica Zucman-RossiProfessor of Oncology at University Paris Descartes and director of the Inserm Unit "Functional Genomic of Solid Tumors", Paris, France.Biochemical, genetic, and histological markers to select patients with hepatocellular carcinoma for liver transplantation


In 2022, OAE's nine journals established a total of 28 awards to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of researchers, reviewers, and young scholars in various fields of science. These awards were designed to highlight excellence in research, peer review, and scientific communication, and were open to authors and reviewers from all over the world.
A total of 161 individuals were awarded these prestigious honors, including certificates and other forms of recognition.
Overall, the establishment of these awards in 2022 reflects OAE's commitment to promoting excellence in scientific research, peer review, and communication, and we look forward to continuing this tradition in the years to come.

Figure 7. Some awards set by OAE journals

In 2023, OAE will continue to uphold its principle of high-quality publishing with even higher standards.