Great News: A New Journal The Journal of Cardiovascular Aging Led by Professor Ali J. Marian Officially Released Online

Published on: 27 Apr 2021 Viewed: 2072

On April 27, 2021, The Journal of Cardiovascular Aging (JCA) was officially released online. Aimed at becoming the premier, most desirable, and entirely transparent international platform for dissemination of the state-of-the-art basic, translational, and clinical studies in aging and cardiovascular disease, the journal was launched by OAE Publishing Inc. and led by a well-known scholar, Ali J. Marian, who serves as the Editor-in-Chief.

Professor Marian is the James T. Willerson Distinguished Chair in Cardiovascular Research, Professor of Molecular Medicine (Genetics) and Internal Medicine (Cardiology), and Director of Center for Cardiovascular Genetic Research at The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHSC) -Houston.

Professor Marian is recognized for his research achievements in molecular genetics and clinical aspects of cardiomyopathies. He has published over 200 articles in peer-reviewed journals, which collectively have garnered over 10,000 citations. He received the Young Investigator Award from the American College of Cardiology, the Established Investigator Award from the American Heart Association, the Clinician-Scientist Award in Translational Research from Burroughs Wellcome Fund, Distinguished Scientist Award from Baylor St Luke's Medical Center, and the Best Editor Award from the American Heart Association Circulation Research.

JCA is an international peer-reviewed, open access, online journal, aiming to publish clinical, translational, and basic science discoveries that pertain to all aspects of aging and cardiovascular disease. All aspects of basic and clinical sciences relating to aging in the context of cardiovascular disease are considered to be within the scope of the journal. Examples include clinical trials, diet, treatment, genetics, epigenetics, genomics, stem cells, immunology, inflammation, cell cycle regulation, senescence, signaling pathways, pharmacology, etc. The primary focus of the journal is to publish original research articles that provide novel insights into cardiovascular aging. Studies confirming and validating previous findings, whenever providing unequivocal findings, are also within the scope of the journal. Review manuscripts on topics of broad interest to the readership of the journal, Editorials, and Commentaries on timely and important topics will also be considered.

The Editorial Board of JCA is comprised of 27 outstanding scholars who are well-experienced and specialized in the area, all of whom have made outstanding contributions to the field of cardiovascular research. OAE highly appreciates their support to JCA.

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