Great News: A New Journal Metabolism and Target Organ Damage Officially Released Online

Published on: 19 Apr 2021 Viewed: 1606

In April 2021, A new Journal Metabolism and Target Organ Damage (M&TOD) was officially launched from OAE Publishing Inc.

Metabolism and Target Organ Damage (M&TOD) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access scientific journal which provides an online platform for publication of clinical, basic and translational studies. M&TOD, characterized by a strong interdisciplinary personality covers (cardio)-metabolic disorders per se, such as obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemias, arterial hypertension and hyperuricemia in all age groups. Of note, this journal will emphasize the role of these metabolic disorders as either effectors/amplifiers or consequences of the development and progression of injuries to target organs including but not limited to the cardiovascular system, the liver, kidneys and the pancreas.

Areas which will be covered, specifically applied to metabolic disorders, are as follows: history of disease, epidemiology, prevention, natural history, genetics, cell and molecular biology, pathobiochemistry, physiopathology, anatomic pathology, clinical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, psychology, psychiatry, statistics and immunology. From a clinical point of view, we are interested in biomarkers, diagnosis, prognosis and all types of innovative management strategies including cognitive-behavioral approaches and randomized controlled trials of innovative drug schedules of metabolic disorders. M&TOD promotes the development of animal-free models of studies including cell cultures, artificial intelligence and others.

Studies of translational value, ranging from basic science to clinical applications, are particularly welcome. We are interested in evaluating submissions pertaining to all areas of public health including health policy; health economics, internal medicine and its sub-specialties, such as cardiology, endocrinology hepato-gastroenterology, nephrology, oncology, general surgery and its branches such as bariatric, endocrine, vascular, metabolic, oncological surgery.

M&TOD is ready for receiving submissions now:
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Biography of Editor-in-Chief

Amedeo Lonardo, MD

Director of the Unit of Metabolic Syndrome at Ospedale Civile of Baggiovara, Modena, Italy.

Born in 1957, graduated in Medicine summa cum laude, specialist in Gastroenterology & Digestive Endoscopy; Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. Qualified fit as Full Professor in Gastroenterology and Associate Professor in Internal Medicine at the Italian National University Examination (2017). Author of 205 published papers, H Index 52 (source Scopus, accessed in April 2021), Dr. Lonardo has completed more than 700 certified Reviews for international journals of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Metabolism and Internal Medicine.
In 2021, Dr. Lonardo has been recognized by Expertscape as "World Expert in Fatty Liver" and placed in the top 0.012% of scholars writing about “fatty liver” in the world over the past 10 years (
His research interests include: MAFLD; primary NAFLD and NAFLD secondary to endocrine disorders; sex differences in NAFLD; bi-directional associations of metabolic syndrome and NAFLD; liver and hypobetalipoproteinemia; dysmetabolism in HCV infection; diabetes in cirrhosis. On these topics, he has delivered several lectures before International and Italian Congresses. He is presently a tutor for fellows in Internal Medicine at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.