Energy Materials 2022 Most Influential Paper Award & Outstanding Reviewer Award Winners

Published on: 4 Jan 2023 Viewed: 686

We are pleased to announce the "Energy Materials 2022 Most Influential Paper Awards & Outstanding Reviewer Awards". Two papers won the Most Influential Paper Award and eight reviewers won the Outstanding Reviewer Award. Congratulations to the recipients!

The papers published in 2021 are selected through a rigorous process and evaluated by the Journal Award Committee based on the following criteria:

1. Novelty;
2. Significance to the research community;
3. Scientific impact;
4. Technical excellence;
5. Peer-reviewed comments;
6. Evaluations from scientific committees;
7. Citation data from Google Scholar.

Here are the two Best Papers:

First Place
Title: Non-fused ring acceptors for organic solar cells
Authors: Mingqun Yang, Wenkui Wei, Xia Zhou, Zhiqiang Wang, Chunhui Duan
Energy Mater 2021;1:100008.

Second Place
Title: Critical advances in re-engineering the cathode-electrolyte interface in alkali metal-oxygen batteries
Authors: Xiaohui Peng, Chen Wang, Yihao Liu, Weiwei Fang, Yusong Zhu, Lijun Fu, Jilei Ye, Lili Liu, Yuping Wu
Energy Mater 2021;1:100011.

The reviewers who reviewed papers from May 1, 2021, to December 31, 2022 were selected by Journal Award Committee based on the following criteria:

1. Number of review reports (only the first-round review reports are considered);
2. Review quality based on the rating given in MESAs;
3. Review speed.

Here are the eight outstanding reviewers:

Jianli Cheng, China Academy of Engineering Physics
Lijun Fu, Nanjing Tech University
Bolong Huang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Bo-Quan Li, Beijing Institute of Technology
Hongjie Peng, University of Electronic Science and Technology
Jianjun Song, Qingdao University
Bingbing Tian, Shenzhen University
Xiaowei Wang, University of California San Diego
Note: Reviewers are listed in alphabetical order by the last name

We sincerely appreciate the authors who have contributed great works to our journal and the reviewers who have generously invested their time and effort in reviewing papers in the past. Without their efforts, the journal could not have grown better. We look forward to collaborating with more and more international researchers this year and in the future!

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