Celebrating the Success of the First Disaster Prevention and Resilience Webinar!

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In a significant development for the journal of Disaster Prevention and Resilience (DPR, Online ISSN: 2832-4056), the first online webinar was held successfully on April 19th, 2024, showcasing the advancements and breakthroughs of DPR in 2024.

Guided by Professor Yongbo Peng from the Shanghai Institute of Disaster Prevention and Relief, Tongji University, Shanghai, China, serving as Chair, and with distinguished Speaker Professor Zhenning Ba from the Department of Civil Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China, the webinar attracted attention from experts and stakeholders.

Figure 1. Advances on Seismic Wave Fields in Complex Sites: from Elastic Wave Terrain Scattering to Ground Motion Simulation for Scenario Earthquakes

Focusing on seismic wave propagation in complex terrains, the webinar held profound significance, especially for regions susceptible to seismic activities. The deliberations underscored the critical importance of comprehending the seismic wave behavior in diverse geological settings, emphasizing the imperative for formulating resilient disaster prevention strategies and infrastructure.

Figure 2.  Indirect Boundary Element Method—Layered half space exact dynamic stiffness matrix

Figure 3. Result—2022 Menyuan Ms6.9 Seismic Simulation Modeling

The collaborative spirit evident throughout the webinar highlighted the collective determination to confront the multifaceted challenges posed by seismic events. By exchanging knowledge and fostering partnerships, participants gained enhanced capabilities to effectively address these complexities.

Notably, the widespread reach of the webinar was evident as it was live-streamed across three distinct online platforms, captivating an audience exceeding 19,700 individuals. This extensive engagement underlines the relevance and significance of the topics discussed, resonating with a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

In conclusion, heartfelt gratitude is extended to all participants, with special acknowledgment bestowed upon Speaker Professor Zhenning Ba and Chair Professor Yongbo Peng for their invaluable contributions. Sincere appreciation is also extended to the organizers, whose dedication and expertise were instrumental in ensuring the resounding success of this webinar.

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