Recruitment of Junior Editorial Board Members

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To enhance the international influence and academic dissemination of Complex Engineering Systems (CES), ignite journal vitality, and cultivate a new generation of editorial teams, we warmly invite young researchers to actively participate and contribute their enthusiasm and creativity. This global recruitment of Junior Editorial Board members aims to attract outstanding young scholars and provide a broad international platform for academic exchange and growth within the field. We eagerly anticipate the participation of exceptional young scholars in driving the vibrant development of the CES Journal.

1. Recruitment Criteria

  • Demonstrated solid academic background and outstanding research capabilities, with achievements recognized in reputable academic databases such as Scopus.
  • Age under 40, holding a Ph.D. degree or possessing a Professorship title.
  • Strong interest in and profound understanding of complex engineering systems.
  • Possession of innovative thinking and a positive attitude toward academic pursuits, with a willingness to contribute to the journal's development.
  • Enthusiastic engagement in journal affairs, full of passion and vitality, ready to take on the role of a Junior Editorial Board member, actively contributing to the continuous improvement of the journal, and open to providing constructive suggestions and strategies.
  • Previous experience as an editorial board member or reviewer for international journals is preferred.

2. Junior Editorial Board Responsibilities

  • Peer Review: Participate in the manuscript review process, reviewing and evaluating the academic quality of submissions and providing professional assessment opinions. Conduct reviews of no fewer than three manuscripts for CES each year.
  • Academic Contributions: Actively engage in the academic development of the journal by suggesting directions for journal development, thematic planning, and more.
  • Manuscript Solicitation: Collaborate with the journal editorial office in targeted manuscript solicitation, promoting diversity and ensuring high-quality content in the journal.
  • Promotion: Contribute to the promotion and publicity work of the journal, actively promoting the journal at relevant academic conferences, workshops, and within academic and social media circles.

3. Junior Editorial Board Benefits

  • Issuance of a Junior Editorial Board appointment letter, valid for a term of two years. Distinguished performance may lead to promotion to a full editorial board member.
  • Junior Editorial Board members, as first authors or corresponding authors, will receive priority for publication after successful peer review of submitted articles and will be granted one waiver on the Article Processing Charge (APC).
  • Prospective involvement for Junior Editorial Board members to serve as guest editors, assisting in organizing academic special topics.
  • Participation in various academic exchange activities in the capacity of an editorial board member.
  • Eligibility for the annual selection of outstanding Junior Editorial Board members.
  • Opportunity to receive journal support for organizing domestic and international academic conferences or forums.
  • Networking connections with renowned experts and scholars in related fields globally, facilitated by the journal platform.

4. Applications

  • Please send your academic resume to with the subject "CES Junior Editorial Board Application + Name".  
  • The selection will be based on merit with dynamic management. The application deadline is 29 February 2024.  
  • The Junior Editorial Board selection process: a preliminary review of resumes → evaluation and selection by the Editorial Board → confirmation and publicity.  

The CES Editorial Board eagerly awaits your application and is thrilled to explore the amazing potential you bring to our team!

Editor: Lyric Zhang
Language Editor: Emma Chen
Production Editor: Yan Zhang
Respectfully Submitted by the Editorial Office of CES

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