The First Annual Webinar of Complex Engineering Systems Has Been Successfully Held

Published on: 27 May 2022 Viewed: 1026

The first annual webinar of Complex Engineering Systems, chaired by Prof. Hamid Reza Karimi from Politecnico di Milano, was held successfully on May 18, 2022.

Five outstanding international guest speakers delivered impressive speeches and shared their fine-grained insights on diverse topics, and partially published in 2021.

Speaker 1:
Prof. Marcelo Menezes Morato, from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, has been working on several research projects on the management and control of renewable energy systems. His research interests include process control, model predictive control, linear parameter varying systems, energy systems, automotive systems.

Topic: Nonlinear Model Predictive Control via qLPV Embeddings
Publication: A qLPV Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with Moving Horizon Estimation

Speaker 2: 
Prof. Hasan Komurcugil, the former head of the Computer Engineering Department at Eastern Mediterranean University. His research interests include power electronics and innovative control methods for power converters such as sliding mode control, Lyapunov-based control, and model predictive control.

Topic: Lyapunov Function Based Control for Power Electronics Converters
Publication: Model predictive control for single-phase three-level grid-connected F-type inverters

Speaker 3:
Prof. Zhaomin Lv, from the College of Urban Railway Transportation, Shanghai University of Engineering Science. His research interests include fault diagnosis and machine learning.

Topic: Study on the Fault Detection of the Rail Fasteners
Publication: Online monitoring of batch processes combining subspace design of latent variables with support vector data description

Speaker 4: 
Prof. Gyan Ranjan Biswal, from Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology in India. His research interests include power system and industrial automation, smart sensors, IoT enabled smart sensors, and fuel cell backed sustainable sources of energy.

Topic: Smart Sensors and Smart Grid: Two Sides of the Coin

Speaker 5:
Dr. Minghao Zhao, from the College of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University, is tutored by Prof. Yu Jiang. His research interests include sensor data fusion and mining, environmental perception, and machine learning.

Topic: Prediction of Sea Temperature Using Temporal Convolutional Network and LSTM-GRU Network
Publication: Prediction of sea temperature using temporal convolutional network and LSTM-GRU network

The webinar was live-streamed on various international platforms with about 2000 people watching in real-time. Video of presentation can be found here at

The Editorial Office would like to express our great appreciation to the chair and speakers' hard work and all attendance's support.

Complex Engineering Systems will hold more webinars and we welcome more researchers to attend our future webinars.

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