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Topic: Current Understanding of Causes, Pathogenesis, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease through New Research

Submission deadline: 30 Aug 2020

Guest Editor(s)

  • Prof. Backil Sung, MD, PhD
    Department of Biology, Pacific Union College, One Angwin Avenue, Angwin, CA, USA.


Special Issue Introduction

Parkinson's disease (PD) is one of the most prolific chronic neurodegenerative disorders, and known to be affected by the loss of neurons that release dopamine in the Substantia Nigra (SN) of the brain stem. Currently, studies are being done to understand how dopaminergic neuronal loss occurs in the SN by environmental toxins, genetic mutations, or a combination of both. Environmental and genetic insults contribute to the pathogenesis of PD by changing subcellular mechanisms and molecular signaling pathways in the dopaminergic neurons, which become vulnerable at the cellular level by oxidative stress, impairing mitochondrial metabolism, protein folding and eventual accumulation in the cytoplasm, resulting in degenerated autophagy mechanisms, etc.

PD has been traditionally considered as a motor disorder due to dopamine loss in the SN; however, clinical studies are showing that it is a multisystem disorder of motor and nonmotor symptoms, due to the additional damage of nondopaminergic neurons, leading to neuronal loss. Thus, we must broaden our understanding of the disease through extensive research. Emerging therapeutic studies continue to treat patients’ symptoms, such as stem cell transplantation, gene therapy and rehabilitation therapies, in addition to current pharmacological medications and surgical procedures.

Here, through this journal, we will review and discuss how well we understand PD, with emerging research, ranging from its etiology in developing such diverse symptoms, to the pathogenesis of the disease at the cellular and molecular levels, and to the mechanism of current and potential management of the disease. This special issue will attempt to lay out the whole picture of PD with both novel and established research theories, and hopefully inspire pre-clinical scientists to discover disease mechanisms, which will in turn provide clinical scientists with strategies to better manage symptoms and complications of patients, which is the ultimate goal of this special issue.

Submissions that are especially, but are not limited to, related to the following topics under the title of "Current Understanding of Causes, Pathogenesis, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Parkinson's Disease through New Research" are welcome:

1. Etiology of environmental and genetic factors of and their molecular pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease in basic research
2. The analysis of clinical symptoms of Parkinson's disease by neuronal cellular and circuit mechanisms
3. Current research for diagnostic biomarkers, and better cure of the management/treatment of Parkinson's disease


Parkinson, review, pathogenesis, research

Submission Deadline

30 Aug 2020

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Submission Deadline: 30 Aug 2020
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